Sticky Licky: Grab the Little Buggers if You Can

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Sticky Licky
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sticky licky iphone appThe early frog gets the bugs! Sticky Licky from visionwise is a cute, old school-style game for the iPhone. Your primary purpose is to help Sticky Licky the frog eat as many flies as possible while avoiding bees and other dangers.

Sticky Licky is one hungry frog. When you tap on Sticky Licky, out comes his tongue. To aim at bugs (or away from them, as the case may be with bees), you tilt the iPhone.

Sticky Licky is slightly reminiscent of the arcade game Centipede. As the flies work their way slowly down the screen, they are interrupted by plummeting mosquitoes, valuable lightning bugs and the rare dragonfly. And then there are the bees, which seem to be everywhere. If Sticky Licky eats a bee, his life is shortened, his face turns red and his tongue becomes useless for a few seconds.

Sticky Licky is easy to play, and the graphics are artfully drawn. In the earliest version of Sticky Licky, the frog's tongue seemed sluggish.  With recent updates, Sticky Licky's tongue is now a speedy sharp-shooter that zips all over the iPhone screen at your will. You can tap the frog multiple times in succession to make his tongue fire rapidly. Because Sticky Licky's controls are ultra-responsive and precise, the game is faster and more exciting than the original version. I got to Level Eight and almost 100,000 points before my morning coffee this morning.

Sticky Licky is a fun game for all ages, and certainly addictive. Flies are evasive, just like in real life. It is challenging to get the little buggers, but with Sticky Licky, you can have fun trying.

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  • iPhoniac

    i had no prob with the responsiveness, this game is awesome

  • JayB

    10/10 awesome!!!

  • Sticky

    Sticky Licky: Grab the Little Buggers if You Can

  • Sticky

    10/10 On AppCraver!!!!!!!