StockRazor Serves Up Investment Info on the iPhone... For a Limted Time

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Atlanta-based Ockham Research delivered its StockRazor to the App Store this week. It is the first mobile application to offer equity research ratings. The powerhouse firm with a research catalog of more than 55,000 companies will offer 80 new stock ideas a week to iPhone users. The information, usually priced at about $20, will be offered exclusively to iPhone users through StockRazor. The caveat is that it will only be available for a limited time.

StockRazor is straightforward and pretty easy to use. Even the novice investment consumer will agree.

From the welcome screen users can filter by sector or by market cap. Tap on sector and choose from one of nine major sectors. After you choose a sector, sort by undervalued or overvalued. Check out one of Ockham’s picks—you’ll be presented with an entire web page of charts, graphs and detailed research. Tilt your phone and you’re taken straight to the web where you’re given a price volume chart. Tap on market cap and choose large, medium, small or micro. Depending on your preference you’re presented with Okcham’s picks in each of these segments. After choosing a company, once again you’ll be taken to a web page with the company’s detailed research and analysis.

Stockrazor is very clean in appearance and uncluttered. This will calm the fears of those interested parties who may be turned off by an abundance of cluttered graphs and charts.

Conspicuously absent from StockRazor is a search feature. Users have to tap their way through the companies picks. A search function would surely speed things along.

The company also shares access to its blog called the Razor’s Edge. It’s a complete financial market commentary with individual company assessments. The blog entries offer insight and details about companies they believe are over or undervalued. They offer these ratings based on historical trends and their valuation methodology rooted in the teachings of Benjamin Graham. Tapping on the Razor’s Edge button will get current blog topics to appear. Choose an entry and you’re presented with a short summary of the blog. Interested users can click on to read more. Next, you are taken to the full screen version of the blog where you have access to the entire list of current and past entries.

This tool will certainly be a tremendous resource to those serious investment minded individuals who want detailed information at their finger tips. StockRazor also an easy-to-use and helpful tool for those who may not necessarily be investment savvy but want to improve their investment literacy. StockRazor is priced at just 99 cents which makes it an absolute steal.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • DexMex77892

    This is more like it. I'm definitely getting this app. I am a fan of things with more functionality than aesthetic features. Now we can handle our investments through our iPhones!

    Ah, the perks of living in this age...sighh

  • jarhead

    How long is this limited time?

  • Roxy22

    Can you trade stocks through your iPhone with this application?

  • Rusty

    jarhead: limited time is not exactly accurate. Each week, 60-80 stocks are chosen by our investment analysts to be featured on StockRazor and where all users of the app are given full access to value ratings and research reports including price/volume history, charts, peer analysis, etc. Each week, the picks are updated and some will fall of the list. If there is something you are following, say Apple (AAPL), you'd want to purchase premium access. That just gives you access to ongoing ratings, research and reports.

    Roxy22: no, you can't transact using StockRazor. The objective is to bring investment ideas to your iPhone. That would be an excellent feature but not something its set up for.

    I'm the principle developer for StockRazor and I am very pleased to find this review. Thanks for the thorough and accurate overview and for the excellent rating. Its exciting to be one of the first companies to bring investment to the iPhone. I've spent some time on this site on my own and it was a welcome surprise to be included. thanks so much!

    A new version is planned for a january 09 timeframe. I'm pretty excited and think you will be very pleased with the enhancements. Its a crazy time in finance and its just silly to be in technology on top of that. Cheers

  • Trader1717

    Great review and I will be looking into StockRazor tonight.

    Also check out the very cool new PortfolioLive (by Turing Studios) ... just downloaded it this afternoon and its pretty cool. Allowed me to setup all my ports and now I can get REAL-TIME quotes and portfolio values on my iPhone wherever I am. Would be a great companion to StockRazor.

    Keep up the good reviews!