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Stolen Wallet
Developer: Creative Coefficient Corp.
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

stolen wallet iphoneI'm a nut about security, which is the reason I don't store sensitive information such as my debit and credit card numbers on my iPhone. I'm already worried someone will steal my wallet. I don't also want to worry if someone is going steal my iPhone containing sensitive data.

I might reconsider that now that I've had a chance to put Creative Coefficient's Stolen Wallet through it's paces. Think of it as a backup for your wallet if someone were to pick your pocket.

When you first launch Stolen Wallet, it requires you to enter a password of 8 to 20 characters, using a mix of alpha and numeric characters. For people who are not password savvy, and are inclined to use the name of their dog or spouse as a password, that's already a good start. If you forget your password, there's no getting it back.

Stolen Wallet contains templates for a variety of credit cards and debit cards. You can also enter info for bank accounts, club memberships and "other."

The graphics look good and the few sound effects are pleasing. Once you've entered more than a couple of cards, you can put the iPhone into landscape mode and swipe through the cards just as you would with CD covers.

Select a category, say, credit card, and enter the appropriate information. The data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption, which is used by government agencies and the military to protect their most sensitive data.

In addition to the "vault" where your credit data is stored, is a page dedicated to a variety of info-resources such as how to deter the loss of your wallet, how to minimize identity theft, how to take action if you have to report a loss and other resources.

With Stolen Wallet you have two options to wipe your data: The first is by tapping a "wipe now" button after you've logged in and the second is by remote. You must register with the company's security service to do so and it may take up to 40 minutes for a complete wipe.

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