Stone Skipper Is Simple-Minded Fun

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Stone Skipper
Developer: Burnley Worldwide Media LLC
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stone-skipper-iphone-ipodStone Skipper couldn't get much simpler: Find out how many times you can get a rock to skip across the surface of a pond, river or other body of water.

In developer Burnley Media's game, you assume the role of Max, who along with his faithful dog, Andy, spend the day skipping stones.

Max has three tries to skip a stone across a stretch of still water. The harder Max flicks his wrist or flings his arm, the greater the distance and number of times the stone skips. Aside from Stone Skipper's getting progressively harder at each level, there's little else to this game. There's so little in fact, you would think this was a free game instead of one price tagged at $0.99.

I've played lots of these "fling your iPhone or iPod touch" kinds of games that use the iPhone and touch's accelerometer for game control. Bowling is a particular favorite and out of the several games the category in the App Store, in my opinion, none is in the same league as Action Bowling from Kronos Games. However, as much as I like Action Bowling, I only play it in the "finger flick" mode.

I'm too mindful that if I'm not careful, my iPhone might get out of hand (literally), which is the main reason I tend to stay away from games that rely on my flicking wrists or flinging arms to play. The thought of bouncing my iPhone off the wall — again — or Wii-style into a giant screen TV, is too much to ponder. Been there and done that, in other words.

There's a lot of the same in Stone Skipper. Like I said, it's simple. Flick or fling rocks across lakes and rivers. Too simple in fact to be entertaining for more than a few minutes or for as long as you manage to hold onto your iPhone or iPod touch. In the plus column: The graphics are cartoon-y but skillfully done and the soundtrack is infectious.

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