Storybook Maker is the Perfect App for Aspiring Young Authors

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Storybook Maker
Developer: Merge Mobile, Inc.
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storybook maker ipadNothing inspires creativity in kids more than the ability to do something “big” on their own. With Storybook Maker for iPad, kids can literally create their own storybooks, a feat that might not only inspire some creative writing, but build their technological know-how.

Designed to be a combination word processing and publishing tool, Storybook Maker is friendly enough for kids to use, but powerful enough to allow for creative projects that include audio, backgrounds, borders and photos. Even parents can get in on the fun by creating special stories made just for their kids.

There are numerous possibilities with Storybook Maker – personalized stories, scrapbooks, memoirs, and so on. The created “books” can be shared with friends and family or even shared publicly with other users of Storybook Maker. 

What's Included with Storybook Maker

An audio feature allows for voice and sound recording, different font sizes and shapes are available for selection, a drawing toolbox is included for personal renderings and many other tools like stickers, backgrounds, borders and of course, the ability to add photos are also available.

To make the most of Storybook Maker, kids will need basic iPad navigation and keyboard skills. Editing options include selecting font type, color, size and effects, as well as adding prerecorded sound effects or recording audio, adding photos, sticker objects, backgrounds and a drawing tool. Essentially everything needed to make a unique and creative storybook page is included.

Creative Uses for Custom Stories

As comprehensive as Storybook Maker is for kids to create and play, parents and teachers can take advantage of the educational opportunity the app affords. Supplying a writing prompt or even encouraging kids to use the app as a tool for school projects is a genuine possibility.

When given complete creative freedom, kids often produce their best work and Storybook Maker supplies that creative freedom. Not to mention, making a scrapbook of family vacations, birthday parties or other special occasions is easy with an app like this. Sharing is quick and easy, but users can also browse the public “library” or upload their own books for other users to read.

The Cliff Notes Summation

Check out the trailer for Storybook Maker and get inspired to tell your story.

Storybook Maker is both a fun, creative outlet for kids and a potentially powerful educational tool. For just .99, Storybook Maker is a worthwhile investment and earns its positive feedback from other users. Download Storybook Maker and let kids create fun stories for you, and you can create the perfect story for them. A great tool for aspiring writers and for avoiding “summer brain drain,” Storybook Maker gets an A+ for fun and creativity.

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