Storyz - An Innovative Social Network For Sharing Topical Ideas

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

storyz iphone-inboxStoryz is a new social networking service that allows the user to create new or add to existing topics. Storyz is somewhat of a combination of twitter and an online forum. The iPhone and iPod touch app allows you to make updates on the fly, similar to apps like Twitterific and Tumble.

The first time you launch Storyz you will be asked for your account info or if you would like to sign-up as a new user. New user registrations can also be done at which is the official website of the social network. Once you are logged in, the inbox becomes your main screen. The inbox shows all incoming messages as well as stories you’ve created and added to. 

From the main screen the visible options include Create, Inbox, and Menu. Create allows the user to start a new story, add a description and attach a photo from the camera or the photo library. You can also choose whether or not the story will be displayed publicly or only to those you invite. Inbox displays your accounts recent activity as stated above. Menu brings up five buttons that allow you to see featured, your created stories, search stories, edit account info, and see details about the app.

The interface of Storyz is simple and responsive. Adding new stories and searching existing ones is a breeze. The simplicity of the layout offers the most used options on the main screen which alleviates having to tap through menus. Storyz responds quickly to button pushes and using WiFi only takes a couple seconds to upload a new story with an image.

Even though Storyz is a well-designed app, only time will tell if it can survive the social network boom. If you like to jot your ideas and share them with friends I suggest you give Storyz a try.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • JT

    Just a little note from us at Storyz: Storyz is not really a social network, but a tool that allows you to communicate across social networks and across mobile and web. At the moment, we have iPhone, web and wap ready. In a few weeks we will have really cool J2ME apps available for download as well, with Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile coming early next year. Common for all phone apps is the integration with the camera, so you can easily snap a picture and start a conversation with it, and we even make sure all video clips you upload are viewable across handsets.

    We are also working on a Facebook app which will allow you to post to your Facebook account and/or your Facebook friends, and a widget which will work on other sites.

    Storyz is really about sharing with your close friends. Give it a try :) And feel free to give us feedback on

  • Zharko

    this is a great app, good work you guys!