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Strategic Assault
Developer: Xen Games Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Strategic Assault is the first RTS or real time strategy game to hit the App Store. The purpose of Strategic Assault is to destroy the enemy bases in each level. The war game begins with the player as a trainee and each time the player beats a level their rank increases.

The first level of Strategic Assault gives a pretty easy basic training. Strategic Assault shows you how to create vehicles and navigate around strategic buildings. Light factories will produce ATV’s and heavy factories will produce tanks. You also learn how to build factories to create walls, build docks and plasma towers. Each time you build or create something you lose resources. Capturing strategic buildings will help you increase your resources. The number of strategic buildings varies from level to level. 

The enemy may also try to retake your strategic building so it’s important to make sure that they are guarded. The terrain changes in the missions so the player has a variety of vehicles and weapons to choose from when fighting the enemy. There is a full range of rocket launchers, gunboats, helicopters and tanks at the players disposal should they have enough resources.

Visually, Strategic Assault looks pretty simple. The graphics are a bit basic and underwhelming. Better graphics would definitely improve the gaming experience. The map that players use to navigate the screen is small and not very easy to use. A larger map would make it a lot easier to see what was on the screen and the best way to get to it.

A welcome addition to the game would be infantry troops. It’s feels odd to have a war game where you can ride in ATVs, tanks and helicopters but can’t have your troops walk through the terrain. The music in the game feels a bit repetitive as well. If players could use their own music they might tune in for a longer experience.

While there is a lot to accomplish in each mission avid players may become bored. Everything in the terrain becomes pretty familiar after playing Strategic Assault several times. Finally, gaming enthusiasts will want multi-player challenges.

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  • DominoFect

    Real time strategy games are my favorite. I can't believe they're figured out how to make them iphone apps so quickly. It's onward and upward from here. Probably going to spend dangerous amounts of time playing these apps now! lmao

  • Jarhead

    This game reminds me of the original Command and Conquer; Red Alert. The best computer game of all time

  • RxCaptain

    Have you played the Command and Conquer; Zero Hour: General's Edition Jarhead? It's a world better than Red Alert. You're talking early 90s compared to today's level of game play. This Strategic Assault app is better than Red Alert any day of the week

  • Peter

    This game is fun. But I cannot for my life figure out level 11. Is there anyone out there that can give me a hint?

  • Dave M

    Level 11 is hard.. here's a tip.

    Info and pic up at

    The key is to take over the “vault” of 3 resources as fast as you can. This is the only way to tip control.

    1) Send everything down the left side of the map and take that resource. Keep the launchers safe together. (while they’re on their way, build something to get resource close to your base)
    2) The Achilles heel: Put the rocket launcher underneath the bottom of the vault. It will shoot over the walls and clear out the tanks and lasers. Defend them with the tanks and start sending reinforcements. This is priority one, forget about defending the other resources until you’ve cleared this out and captured this prize.
    3) From here it gets easier. Keep your tanks defending the vault and stop them from trying to go to the enemy base. Rebuild your loses and get rich, then finish it off.

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you have tips for L15 :)

  • Teyshawn

    Anyone got any strategies for level 12? I can't seem to build enough fast enough to overcome the enemies power. It's too hard to hold down the base and even 1 resource building.

  • snowy147

    Would be better with a map editor and multiplayer,but still fun.Also,does anyone have any tips for level 13?

  • Fins

    I'm Searching allso tips for level 13 help please