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String Trio
Developer: greySox, Inc.
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string trio iphoneString Triois described by developer greySox as an “air violin” application for iPhone  and that’s pretty much what it is. It's not limited to violin alone though, it’s also an “air viola” and “air cello” to boot – hence the name “trio.” String Trio includes a pre-loaded selection of classical and folk music, which users can play along to by using their iPhone or touch to mimic the motion of a stringed instrument’s bow.

I may not be the best judge of what makes a good "air violin" as I posses only a moderate amount of musical ability, but I do have musically talented offspring and games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Wii Music are a pretty big deal in our house.

String Trio couldn’t have come at a better time because my kids have always joked about whether or not a “Violin Hero” concept would be marketable. While String Trio isn’t exactly the same concept, it is similar in many ways. Unlike the music games that are played with precision timing or else you fail, String Trio allows players to control tempo, speed, and strength of movement (such as drawing out a note) and the accompanying music automatically adjusts.

Playing through a song or two in String Trio doesn’t really feel like playing in a real orchestra, but then I’m not delusional either. I will attest to the fact that the sound is very realistic and for those who enjoy classical and folk music, there is a nice selection of songs to play around with. For instance, playing through Turkey in the Straw as fast as you possibly can gives those without any musical ability a good appreciation for the likes of Charlie Daniels and Alexander Robertson. There's also no score to compete against or secret songs to unlock with String Trio. It's just meant to be entertaining; and for many it probably is.

Similar to other music simulation games, String Trio includes a graphical guide with falling guide bars to help you play along and gives the option to play solo or in ensemble mode. Those who lack familiarity with any given song may find it more difficult to keep the right tempo, but fear not, there’s no crowd to judge you and you can always play the song once through just to hear it first. Should you get super serious about it, there are also a few setting options, such as adjusting the master and background sound gain, as well as the ability to adjust the tilt sensitivity to your liking after calibrating.

String Trio is not for everybody, but those who like music simulation and enjoy classical music will most likely appreciate it. It’s sleek and well done and even provides users with the option to purchase additional compatible music tracks as an add-on. The developers have also promised the addition of more songs in future updates, which is generous considering the number of songs already included. Hopefully, a few of the new ones will be a bit longer than the current ones. If you’re interested in having your own “air violin” on your iPhone or iPod touch, check out String Trio.

To find out if String Trio is right for you, check out the Lite version or watch the video demo.

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    String Trio – Air Violin it is