Zimmer Twins are Out of Control in Stunt Wagon

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Stunt Wagon
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stunt_wagon1Did you ever race down a long, steep hill in roller skates or in your go kart, against the cautionary advice of your mother?  With Stunt Wagon, you can join the Zimmer Twins in a speedy downhill adventure and not have to worry about breaking your leg.

Stunt Wagon from zinc Roe looks like a game for children, but believe me, Stunt Wagon is challenging.  As the characters race down the hill, you tilt the iPhone to steer the wagon, avoiding tires and pylons, and tap the screen to jump over the obstacles.  You can get speed and power in Stunt Wagon by running over white stars and picking up potions.

Stunt Wagon’s cartoon graphics are wonderful and will appeal to all ages, even teenagers.  But you are going to need some patience and skill to race down the hill successfully.  I have played Stunt Wagon over a dozen times now and I can’t seem to get the hang of tilting the iPhone just right to steer, nor have I perfected the timing of my tapping to make the wagon jump.  When I play Stunt Wagon, the Zimmer Twins spend more time on their butts on the pavement than in the wagon.  Schnitzel!  My friends fared only slightly better with Stunt Wagon than I did.

I think the reason for my difficulty with Stunt Wagon is threefold:  One is that the wagon moves very fast, and there is not an option to slow its pace.  Second is the size of the view.  I feel like I can’t see far enough ahead on the course to anticipate what is coming.  Third is the narrowness of the course.  At times, Stunt Wagon requires micro movements to avoid obstacles.

Perhaps Stunt Wagon would be best suited for a more hardcore gamer than I.  At the same time, the appeal of the Zimmer Twins is strong.  I have become a fan of Edgar, Eva and their cat (who always lands on his feet) and am eager to check out zinc Roe’s other three games:  Snack Attack, Flying Furball and Artic Shuffle.

An additional note:  zinc Roe’s website is excellent.  You and your children can make your own Zimmer Twin cartoon movies, which inspire creativity and look professional.  Whether you buy Stunt Wagon or experience the Zimmer Twins through another avenue, you should take the time to get to know these kids.

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  • http://twitter.com/jasonkrogh/status/2870019202 Jason Krogh

    Missed this review last week... Zimmer Twins are Out of Control in Stunt Wagon http://bit.ly/pCgvz (@appcraver)

  • http://iphone.zincroe.com Jason Krogh

    Hey there. Jason from zinc Roe games here.

    We've just posted an update to Stunt Wagon that changes the steering controls. It's a lot snappier now, so do check it out!