Zippy Yum's New App for Ordering Subway is Awesome, If You Live in Orange County

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Subway Ordering for California
Developer: ZippyYum LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Subway Ordering for Orange County iPhone appIt may seem like a one-trick pony on a short leash, but a new app from Zippy Yum is also the kind of useful “killer app” that could convince my mom an iPhone is worth the price of a data plan. Sound cryptic? Let me explain.

Currently, mobile ordering system is aimed at a very specific set of users. People who live in Orange County, California and like to eat at Subway restaurants. If this describes you, then you're the target demographic for Subway Ordering for Orange County. Although I’m just outside the official area, placing an order was easy. It just meant that I needed to drive farther to pick up my lunch. 

Zippy Yum presents an interactive menu and ordering system that connects to Subway restaurants in Orange County. Using the built-in GPS, it locates the nearest app-friendly store willing to take your order. Subway restaurants are individual franchises, so they vary in their ability to accept remote orders as well as payment terms.

You could use Subway Ordering for Orange County as a glorified lunch locator to find the nearest sandwich whenever the craving strikes, however it’s Zippy Yum's patent-pending ordering system that really makes the app worth downloading.

Tap on New Order to get started and continue through the visual menu selecting items that you want. It’s quite intuitive. As you start to build you sandwich (or salad) a quick start guide pops-up with instructions. If you need to access it again, just tap the question mark at the top of the screen.

Start by choosing a sandwich and size, then the options will begin scrolling down the left side of the screen. Simply tap your choices as they float by – type of bread, veggies, condiments, etc. Double- or triple-tap to load up on extras. As you build your perfect sandwich, the app keeps track of calories and cost, so you can instantly see the effects of adding double-meat and two kinds of cheese. It reminds me of ordering from Stacked, the Orange County restaurant known for its innovative iPad menu.

Once you’re done, you have the option of adding a name and special instructions to the meal – helpful if you’re ordering for the whole office. To add another sandwich, tap the Plus button on the left, or Checkout using the button on the right.

This is point where I felt Subway Ordering for Orange County could have been more streamlined. The checkout process requires six clicks to get through to the end. I understand the need to prevent accidental orders, but it felt cumbersome. As you click through, you’ll have the chance to verify the store you are ordering from, choose pick up or delivery (if available), select your preferred payment option and set an order time for now or in the future.

You will be required to provide an email address to confirm your order, but creating a user account is optional. For future convenience, the app saves previous orders even for unregistered users.

After placing my order, I received immediate confirmation that my sandwich would be ready in about 20 minutes. Since the restaurant is just 4 miles from my house, I had plenty of time to drive over in time to collect my lunch while it was still hot.

At its core, Zippy Yum's process is probably not very different from using Subway’s online or fax ordering system. It’s just a lot more convenient for iPhone users.

I’d like to see Zippy Yum expand this app to include Los Angeles County, there’s a Subway restaurant within walking distance that would definitely start getting my orders via app. My mom eats at Subway at least twice a week, so San Diego needs Zippy Yum too. What about you? Would you use an app for ordering you sandwich? Does your Subway need Zippy Yum?

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  • ZippyYum team

    It is true the app has six screens for checkout but this is targeted to
    the first time user. The app does allow to bypass those screens with a
    settings option called 'express checkout'. When express checkout it
    turned on, the app will skip the step by step checkout.

    Note also the ability to favorite a sandwich. This allows you to re-order the same sandwich with one click.

  • Marc

    I do live in Orange County and I tried to use the Subway ordering App on the iPhone yesterday (4/2/13) as I was walking to my local Subway restaurant (to get the free cookie). I was unable to get past the checkout process and so, unable to place my order. I mentioned it to the cashier and got the free cookie (great customer service here at Seal Beach Blvd. and Westminster).
    I closed the App and thought nothing of it. Eight hours later I got a text from AT&T that 65% of my data plan allottment had been used (6 days into my plan cycle) so I contacted AT&T for resolution. I'm not sure how but even after closinging the App (doublepress the button to see the running Apps, find the Subway App, press till seeing the 'x' and press the 'x' to close the App) it continued to use my wireless network connection.
    To their credit, AT&T support was awesome and will not be charging me more during this plan period if I go past my baseline network allotment.
    This is likely due to my older verion of IOS in conjunction with the newer App. I vowed not to reload the Subway App. Free cookie is not worth it...
    IOS 5.0.1 / iPhone 4 32GB