Sudoku Uno Brings Brain Twister to iPad

Sudoku Uno: Stylish Sudoku for iPad (AppStore Link)
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Sudoku Uno: Stylish Sudoku for iPad
Developer: Houdah Software s.a r.l.
Price: free Download on the App Store

sudoku-uno-ipadSudoku Uno is a good reimagining of the popular puzzle game for the iPad.

Sudoku is played by placing the numbers one through nine only one time each in rows and columns. Traditionally it is played in newspapers or consumable Sudoku books.

To ease the transition to the iPad’s multi-touch screen Sudoku Uno includes a red and green pencil, which when selected will temporarily put a number in place before making the choice with a tile. The best way to experience the game is in landscape mode as the game board and peripheral items fill up the screen.

There is also plenty of help for those still getting used to Sudoku. Tap the fortune cookie for a hint about where to place a particular number. Or each tile can display up to three recommended numbers to choose from. This mode gets a bit easy though as some tiles only have one number; so you can essentially just keep filling in the number and finish the board.

The interface is pretty smooth to work through once you learn which of Sudoku Uno's icons perform a particular men task. For example, to exit the high scores menu you must tap an arrow at the top of the box. To use the pause feature, tap the clock at the top of the screen and then choose to start over, suspend, or resume the game. Additional features include a running clock to track your time and a compilation of the best scores.

Sudoku Uno is a single-player only app (hence the "Uno" in the title). If you are feeling a bit competitive, then check out Sudoku Duo ($2.99). It is essentially the same game but with multiplayer functionality. If you think that you may want that feature it is probably worth the extra dollar to buy the Sudoku Duo version instead.

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