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Sundry Notes Pro
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sundry notes pro for ipad

Sundry Notes Pro is a note-taking app that refuses to limit itself only to text. You can include audio, ink, images, even tables and math formulas. Sundry Notes Pro also integrates with an impressive number of other services.

Yet, for those who want a simple, focused note-taking application, Sundry Notes Pro may be overkill. The barrage of features will be welcome to power users, yet it may overwhelm others.

Tap anywhere on a page to bring up a circle of icons; each of them representing a different way to enter content. From here is where you can write text, draw, or enter other forms of media.

Text is managed through a series of text boxes. The strength here is that it allows for a two-finger tap to highlight an existing box to edit. However, if you double tap on the wrong location, the app interprets this as creating a new text box. So when you go to tap somewhere else, a popup notification asks you if you wish to delete this. It gets kind of annoying.

Enabling sync is accomplished through logging in with any number of social or productivity networks: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Evernote or Dropbox. Entering your Dropbox, Google Docs or Evernote credentials allows for the import of files from those services. Not everything comes through smoothly, however. Some images from Evernote transferred over in odd configurations. Also, audio is currently not yet supported when importing from another service.

Includes is a collaboration feature, where those logged on can use Sundry Notes Pro to work together on a shared note. This feature did appear to be consistent in practice and could be improved with a future update.

Sundry Notes Pro does shine when it comes to  synchronization, which is very rapid. While viewing a newly opened note from an iPhone, Sundry Notes was also open on my iPad. The note appeared almost instantly once it was saved. Those who want the ability to take a note on one iOS device and have it available on another should seriously give this app some thought.

Sundry Notes Pro gets many things right. It has a robust feature set and excellent syncing. It needs some additional polish and refinement to truly reach its potential.

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