Super Ball 3 Proves a Winning Game for its Genre


super ball 3 iphone appIf you haven’t given Spiffyware’s Super Ball 3 a try yet and you enjoy brick breaking games like Breakout, then definitely give this app a gander. Super Ball 3 is sleek, responsive, and has enough levels to remain a fresh pick on your iPhone menu for awhile. It is similar in play to 3D Brick Breaker Revolution and Block Breaker Deluxe 2, but Super Ball 3 has a few features I have yet to run across in a block breaking game.

Pardon the pun, but let’s break it down. The main menu features new game mode, level maker mode, and recorded high scores. The level maker mode is part of what makes Super Ball 3 unique, but even without it, the regular game mode features four different modes of game play – Classic, Puzzle, Momentum, and Versus. The first three modes are single player and versus is a two-player version. Within Classic mode, you can play level sets from Super Ball 3, Super Ball 2 and any levels created in level maker mode. Puzzle mode features a toggle block that allows you to strategically turn blocks on and off for destroying. Within each mode are multiple levels, providing the potential for hours and hours of play.

When you do finally tire of the multiple pre-set levels within each mode, you can take advantage of Super Ball 3’s Level Maker and create your own levels, complete with power ups. The power ups in Super Ball 3 are pretty standard and include things like Time Warp, Multipliers, Super Nova, and Bomb, but they still add ingenuity to the overall game. The available blocks are of various shapes and sizes, including circles, which also adds a bit of interest.

The least useful mode of Super Ball 3 is the Versus mode, simply because neither the iPhone or the iPod touch makes a very good air hockey table. You have to hold the device between two players , which is a bit cumbersome when playing a fast paced game like this. However, it is still an option so you can think of it as a bonus if you happen to be with a friend and you’re both really bored. Though if it were me, I’d tell my friend to get their own because it’s more fun to play Super Ball 3 single player.

The sound effects, intuitive physics based controls and overall responsiveness of Super Ball 3 make it a pretty stellar brick-breaking game. The controls are smooth and settings are provided to calibrate and adjust the touch control of the paddle if you having problems, or you can simply use tilt mode. You can always download the lite version for free before you buy to get a good taste of it, however it comes with a limited number of levels and only a demo of the level making mode.

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