Super Crate Box is Frustratingly Awesome Arcade Action for iOS

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Super Crate Box
Developer: Vlambeer vof
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Super Crate Box Game for iPhoneExcruciatingly difficult. So addictive my fingers are now bleeding. I wish the disc gun had never been invented.

These are just a few thoughts running through my mind when I think about Super Crate Box. The 8-bit sound and blitzkrieg type movement is evil, but feels so right. It's a symphony of tiny chaotic jitters that on one hand begs for the game of the year title and on the other is so frustrating I want to delete it. But it won't let me.

Yes, it has a spell on me and I've yet to delete it. But what makes Super Crate Box so enticing is also what makes it so difficult. The task, should you choose to accept it, is to collect crates. Those crates are the key to some unknown master plan. For now, the only thing they do is to help you get to a high score as well as unlock some super sweet single and multi-shot action via mini-guns, revolvers and the pesky disc gun. Sure, you like to shoot it, but it will bite you in the rear, literally, as it bounces off walls and when 30 of those green and red skulls are making you hightail it out of a rock and a hard spot the last thing you're thinking about is that disc. Whammy, that's all she wrote.

This arcade action app is pure fun and and at Mach 10. The controls create some of the fastest movements I've seen on an iOS device. Of course, there's not much to the game, but again, that's the best part. The overall goal of collecting boxes, upgrading guns, laying mines, scoring big and moving from level to level is enough to captivate you for hours. I remember sitting down to test it out and two hours later had no clue it was two hours later.

To advance through the game, the player must obviously collect crates. And yes, you get new weapons with each, but it's not all gravy. There is a lot of strategy to the gameplay in that some weapons are big and powerful like the rocket launcher and take out several skulls at a time. However, others, like the shotgun, are only powerful at short range so one must make quick decisions about being offensive and shooting or defensive and jumping out of the way to get to the next crate. It's a conundrum between time and distance.

Until you actually try the game out you won't understand the velocity at which you play. That's why I highly recommend this game for any and all who love a challenge and aren't afraid of a bit of frustration before getting the big payoff. Super Crate Box is a must have.

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