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Super Juicy
Developer: Greg Hjelstrom
Price: free Download on the App Store

super-juicy-iphone-appSuper Juicy is bringing a new kind of action to the popular genre started by Bejeweled. The point is still to match like objects, but instead of jewels or parrots, Super Juicy is all about the bubbles, baby. Moving bubbles that float, squeeze and grow in an ever-changing dance that kept me engaged for all 38 levels.

One of the things that makes Super Juicy so fun is that every level is different than the one before. Each level adds a new twist: bubbles that grow larger, bubbles that require larger groups to destroy, bubbles that bubble up instead of falling down, bubbles with spikes (bad) or fruit (good). The physics of this game add another layer to gameplay, as you can tilt your phone to rearrange the bubbles slightly.

If you learn to master each obstacle, then maybe you'll have a chance at passing level 35. Unlock all the levels and you'll be able to play them in any order you choose. Don't even try to coast your way through. Tapping bubbles the wrong bubbles will get you penalized, either by losing points by causing the bubbles to double in size.

The menu graphics and general navigation outside the game are nothing special. It's obvious that Super Juicy developer Greg Hjelstrom spent all his time on the game, not the menus. Chances are, once you've tried Super Juicy you'll feel the same way. Who needs menus? I just want to play all 38 levels in a row.

My only real complaint with Super Juicy is that there's no way to turn off the scoreboard. Each time the game ends, you'll need to tap through the scoreboard to get back to the beginning. It may not sound like much, but if I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to pass a level it's annoying to have to circumnavigate the scoreboard to get back to the main menu. A "play again" button on the game over screen would easily end this frustration.

Calling Super Juicy addicting, is like saying that crack may be habit-forming. (It's a wild understatement.) The last update added 3 new levels and I'm already jonesing for more.

There is a Super Juicy Light, but with only 5 levels it's just a small taste what this match three game has to offer. Save yourself the time and pony up the buck for the real thing. * Update: There is also Super Juicy HD for iPad owners. And, wouldn't ya know it? It was one of the first games I downloaded.

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  • GregH

    Wow, thank you for the very nice review! For even more fun, we have update 1.3 in the Apple's review process right now and it has a complete re-skin of the menus and 3 new game modes to play. :-)