Super Marble Roll is a Gleaming Orb of Good Times of Your iOS Device

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Super Marble Roll
Developer: iScape Games Ltd
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

super-marble-roll-iphone-appSuper Marble Roll, from iScape Games Ltd., is the typical flop, plop, drop and roll platform app. Think of it like Labyrinth, developed by Carl Loodberg of Codify AB, that AppCraver reviewed back in December or Mobigame’s Edge, which we reviewed in January.

Tilt your iPhone or iPod touch this way and that to roll the blue marble from one end of the maze to the other, while navigating obstacles and collecting points along the way. The whole idea is to keep from rolling off the edge of the platform out into the Earth’s ionosphere. Each level—of which there are three—gets successively harder. The goal then becomes a matter of beating your record times.

Super Marble Roll jumps right out of the gate. Launch the app, tap to start, and away you go. No explanation needed. No options to set the soundtrack and special effects volumes either.

The graphics in Super Marble Roll are well rendered and the game's physics work just fine. The blue marble is opaque but seems a bit transparent at times. That may be more a result of the developer attempting to make the gleaming orb’s surface more realistic than a programming flaw but I'm not too smart about the innies and outies of programming.

Labyrinth and Super Marble Roll makes for an easy comparison. I’d give Labyrinth a big thumbs up over Super Marble Ball. It’s not that SMB is an inferior game. It’s that Labyrinth is undisputedly a winning app and tops in the marble rolling genre. In addition to almost unlimited game play, thanks to the availability of user-created mazes, the graphics and physics are superb.

Super Marble Roll is just okay in comparison, although the reviews are generally favorable. It needs to be more engaging and innovative to break loose from the pack in this competitive category. On the other hand, I have to mention that it’s currently on sale for $0.99 and that makes it worth a download if you're into marble games.

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  • Leah

    So how do you make the ball jump?