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Super Mega Worm
Developer: Deceased Pixel LLC
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super mega wormWrangling its way through a set of updates that fixed compatibility issues with iOS 4, Super Mega Worm developers Deceased Pixels LLC has an apparent hit on their hands. Hearken the days of quarters lost at the arcade, Super Mega Worm is a piece of 8 bit imitation, old school glory with more charm than Centipede. You are Super Mega Worm and to stay alive, you must eat the people and cows running rampant from your underground fury.

Super Mega Worm is a simple concept that features a hungry worm seeking revenge on surface dwelling litter bugs and for some obscure reason, cows. But even with its quirky story line and oddly designed controls, Super Mega Worm is addicting, casual game play.

You begin the game by tapping on an underground egg to hatch your worm. Super Mega Worm comes out in full force hunger and hurtles towards the surface for his first meal. If you can get the hang of the awkward slider controls, you can rack up points in the form of single, double, triple, or more combo kills, but be careful not to lose control of your worm. Keep an eye on your health meter at the top right. If Super Mega Worm goes too long without a fleshy snack, he’ll die of hunger.

Though the slider controls are awkward and may take some getting used to, you can opt to try the tilt function by changing controls from the main menu. Neither one is particularly simple to master, so it will take some practice. Fortunately, Super Mega Worm is conducive to practice and is casual and entertaining enough to keep you interested. Some games create frustration early on in the process of gaining familiarity, but Super Mega Worm is pretty stress free.

When you consider that you would easily drop more than four quarters in a machine for a good arcade game, Super Mega Worm is an easy purchase. It has a functioning auto save feature that lets you return to a game in progress after exiting and the load time is quick enough for a casual go round in situations where you’ve a few moments to kill. Go ahead and challenge yourself to a higher and higher score, but be prepared – once you start, you might be hooked.

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  • Mark Pauley

    Can't stop playing Super Mega Worm. Damn you, @unsaturated!!! (via @judykitteh)


  • Ty Vannih

    Tremors Has Nothing On Super Mega Worm: When you consider that you would easily drop more than four quarters in a ...