Super Yum Yum 3 is Super Sweet Puzzler


super yum yum 3 iphone appSuper Yum Yum 3 is the iPhone version of its PC predecessors Super Yum Yum and Super Yum Yum 2. A puzzle adventure game in which the starring character is Leon the Chameleon, Super Yum Yum 3 by Air Play is a colorfully animated and intriguing game that delivers pocket-sized fun.

For those unfamiliar with the game, your objective is to guide Leon through various puzzle worlds by eating fruit so he can rescue the baby chameleons. Progression through the levels is accomplished by eating the required number of fruits and Super Yum Yum 3 has a total of 36 levels. Leon changes color to match the leaves of each piece of fruit he eats, but he can only eat the fruit that matches his current color. Trying to eat every piece of fruit is a real challenge – hence the puzzle aspect.

Though it’s true that Super Yum Yum 3 is on the pricier end of many games, it is a relatively comprehensive game. Some levels are easy enough, but some are quite challenging and with a total of 36, there is significant play time involved. It is both easy to pick up and play, with only a few frustrating control issues, and hard to put down once you’re engaged. The controls in Super Yum Yum 3 are simple, tapping to move and swiping to extend Leon’s tongue towards fruit to eat, but can occasionally become frustrating when you either get in a hurry or are trying to maneuver in and out of each level’s gate. However, ultimately the interface is reasonably user friendly.

The animated graphics will feel familiar to those who have played the PC versions, but by far the best aspect of Super Yum Yum 3 that remains intact is the puzzling challenge to eat every piece of fruit. In fact, the developer is challenging players to do just that. The first 25 players to collect every piece of fruit and rescue every baby chameleon in the game will have a chance to redeem a unique code for a Super Yum Yum 3 mouse pad. (See the developer’s comments about The Challenge on the description page in the App Store.)

For a truly perplexing challenge, rounded out with silly sound effects and colorful graphics, Super Yum Yum 3 is a super sweet little game that will entertain for hours.

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