Supermarket Mania Comes to the App Store


supermarket maniaAlready a frequently downloaded PC game, Supermarket Mania is now stocked in the App Store thanks to G5 Entertainment. A time-management game, which has players keep up with customer demands in a small town grocery store, Supermarket Mania provides iPhone/iPod touch users access to a detailed and complete mobile version of the same game.

For the price, currently just .99, you get a lot of game. There are 50 total levels, which change and grow with previous level success. The story concept behind Supermarket Mania is to play as “Nikki,” an annoyingly perky stock girl whose job is to stock shelves and pick up trash in a supermarket. Your goal is to make the customers happy, thus making the supermarket money and driving the evil Torg competition out of business.

Using simple tapping, players fill their cart in the storeroom and then stock the shelves like mad according to customer demand. Customers come in droves, ranging from teenage girls to little old ladies and the occasional local celebrity. The items they want to buy are displayed in thought bubbles above their heads and they each have their own assigned patience levels in terms of waiting for items to be restocked on store shelves. If they wait too long, they get angry and leave the store. In Supermarket Mania the more customers you serve, the more money you make to purchase store upgrades and advance to the next levels.

In addition to managing customer demands, Supermarket Mania players must also keep an eye out for trash on the floor and the periodic shoplifter. Thieves are thwarted by tapping on the store’s security guard, who will make the sticky-finger dudes pay up, but if you miss one, the store loses money.

If you enjoy time-management games, that is to say games where you have to complete a specific number of tasks or goals within a certain time frame, Supermarket Mania is right up your alley. Granted, it has plausibility issues, like why would any teenage girl ever buy multiple heads of cabbage/lettuce at a single visit to the supermarket and for a group of people who grocery shop at break-neck speed, it’s amazing how their carts are always empty. But all in all, Supermarket Mania is a fun enough game.

Supermarket Mania will hold more than one player’s file, which is great for kids who have to share one device. Due to the multiple levels and store upgrades, the longevity of the game is great. Comic book style cut scenes complete the story line progress and high scores are saved to enhance replay value. At the current price, Supermarket Mania is a game value as good as any double coupon.

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