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Super Pig
Developer: Ryan Detzel
Price: free Download on the App Store

A super hero’s work is never done even when you’re a pig. SuperPig is a “hammy” hero with a jet pack and ammo that flies all around the world. The goal of SuperPig is simple. Protect the world from the alien invaders. Your weapon of choice is the pebble launched from a pebble shooter on your back. As you compete in the game you may earn one of five hats that give you special abilities.

You can also pick up food items like doughnuts and hotdogs to help you increase your score. The game has more than fourteen different levels that offer easy, medium and hard play. SuperPig combines a classic video arcade game feel with the fun console controls of the iPhone and iPod touch to offer players a pleasurable gaming experience.

After a few hours of play with SuperPig, you’ll start to want more. More what? More of everything! The game definitely needs a larger variety of enemies. It begins to feel a bit repetitive challenging the same kinds of aliens over and over. Additional weapons would be a nice touch as too. The pebble thrower is a clever idea but a flamethrower, bow and arrow, or slingshot might be even cooler.

The game also lacks a real soundtrack. This problem isn’t unique to SuperPig. A missing feature in many iPhone apps is ability to play your own music while battling to save the world.

Overall, SuperPig gets a fair rating. SuperPig is visually interesting, moderately entertaining. The developers offer a mildly challenging game that will keep kids and adults alike tilting, turning and tapping their iPhones and iPod touches for hours on end. SuperPig might help you have a new super hero.

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  • Roxy22

    What a great concept. Almost as cool as Chuck E Cheese choosing a Rat as a kid's mentor lmao

  • kkstern

    Would be much better if he were shooting strips of bacon!

  • DominoFect

    No soundtrack? That is a vital part of every videogame. It gives just as much character to the game as the game's challenges. Hopefully on the next version boys