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Suzie's Sushi House
Developer: Babyberry Studios LLC
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suzies-sush-houseIf you always fancied yourself a sushi chef then here is the chance for culinary glory with Suzie's Sushi House.

The premise is to satisfy needy sushi customers by quickly serving up their rolls. When a customer appears at the counter you must tap the individual ingredients needed to make the roll. However, this must all be done in enough time before they become irate and leave, which drops your score. The more successful you are, the more days you will get to run the restaurant and drive up a earnings.

In easy mode a number pops up over each ingredient that you need, so it is easy to tap those and send off the order. The pace of customers is pretty manageable as long as you get the rolls correct. A timer keeps track of each day and once it expires the results for the day are tallied up (and just like a real restaurant, it takes forever to show a profit). A notification bar is located by each customer which indicates how much time is left before they become unhappy.

If the novice mode gets too easy then get ready for a challenge in the hard mode. Instead of being spoon-fed the recipe you will have to look a picture of the finished roll and grab the right ingredients. To help there is a menu, but using this too much will take way too long and result in angry customers. Also keeping track of ingredient supplies is necessary in order to avoid running out of things like rice or seaweed.

If you want to share your sushi success there is Facebook integration which will publish notices to your wall (as if your friends aren't hearing enough about Farmville). Suzie's Sushi House HD is available as a separate iPad app ($2.99). If you would rather try out your sushi-making skills before committing to buying the iPhone version Suzie's Sushi House Lite is available in the App Store.

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