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Developer: Illusion Labs AB
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sway iphone game playIllusion Labs, the same group behind the excellent Labyrinth and the debatable Touchgrind, is at it again. Their newest game to hit the App Store is Sway, which succeeds in creating a gaming experience that is uniquely tailored to the iPhone/iPod touch. The company has made its mark in building games that rely heavily on the accelerometer and touch screen to create a quality gaming experience.

Illusion Labs is due credit for understanding the platform for which the company is making games. Unlike many other iPhone, iPod touch flops that give little attention to screen responsiveness and controlling the action, Sway is designed with the touch screen and gestures in mind. The concept is that you are Lizzy the Lizard, who is swinging through a disfigured world to try and save her friends. There are other characters that can be unlocked after successfully passing missions and collecting a series of coins and keys.

Sway has a smooth polish that many other games in the App Store lack. There is an excellent instructional video that gives a thorough explanation of how to play. The graphics are first rate. Along with the extra characters there are many rounds to venture through — bucking the trend of light content found in many other iPhone games.

Playing Sway is a challenge. It may take you a while to get used to swinging and grabbing on with your character. And at times it sure felt like I had grabbed the wall in time; but there went Lizzy flying off the screen. There could be a bit of tweaking necessary to bring the touch screen responsiveness up to its full capability. For example, on a couple of occasions the touch screen stopped responding and Lizzy would just hang there. Fortunately there are "Kill Me" and "Resume" options built in that can either re-start the round or the game entirely.

If playing an iPhone game that makes excellent use of gestures and touch is appealing then Sway is one to own. Some gamers who are used to paying only $0.99 or nothing for games may balk at the $4.99. But in this case the cost is an indicator of the high quality and precision that went in to making it.

Watch the Sway iPhone app trailer below or visit the website for Sway how-to videos:

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