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SWINE TIME - Reaction Test (AppStore Link)
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SWINE TIME - Reaction Test
Developer: Vito Technology Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

swine-time-iphone-appThere seems to be a correlation for me lately... The shorter a game is, the longer I play it. And this is certainly the case with Swine Time, the newest release from Vito Technology.

If you're lucky, a game of Swine Time will take 30-60 seconds to play. Most of the time a round lasts under 20 seconds. Still, I could waste an afternoon eagerly tapping the "new game" button in an attempt to beat my own high score.

The rules are simple. You are a flying pig and your goal is to stay aloft as long as possible. Unfortunately, your immediate airspace is contaminated with Swine flu viruses. One touch from any of the floating viruses and you're dead. No second chances. No extra lives. Escape the swirling baddies by dragging your finger in the small trackpad area at the bottom of the screen. Once you've been hit, the ambulance will come to take you away and you can start again — and again, and again.

It's quite fun and Swine Time's bright, playful graphics belie the sinister theme that inspired the game.

There aren't any options in this app, which means that you can't turn off the sound or lower the volume without adjusting the settings on your phone. That's a real drag, especially if you're trying to sneak in a quick game between TPS reports.

You can however keep track of your high score and compare it to the Swine Time community via the global leaderboard. The developers threw in an extra fun little gem on the scoreboard too — watch the winning game of the players with the highest scores. Just tap the time column of any player and watch the game that brought them glory, or tap your high time and relive your own shining moment. This Little Piggy got to 40.77seconds. Can you beat it?

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  • http://www.theiphoneappreview.com Shaun

    I love that Swine flu even has it's own iPhone game!