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Switchball for iOSWhat do you get when water and marbles are combined into a column-based puzzle? Switchaball by Drippy Cat Software Limited. The game for some reason reminds me of Plinko from "The Price is Right". There are several similarities, including balls that full into certain columns, but that most of the time go into different columns because of those little bumpers. The big difference is that there's no cash prize and the gamer doesn't get to spin the big wheel.

However, they do get to think over the best strategy to continue filling up the life water meter to ensure a high score in Switchaball. The point of the game is to get marble like balls from the top into the golden pipes at the bottom. Oh, if it were that easy though. The game board is laid out in columns with each column numbered from left to right. And throughout the board in random places are what are called switches. Basically, one side is solid and allows for a marble to be placed on it. And the other side when hit by another marble releases the switch, which then in turn drops the marble to another switch or to the pipe at the bottom.

To make the game even more enjoyable, some switches are placed on top of each other, which requires certain switches to be hit first to then be able to activate the others. This is where the puzzle portion comes through and either makes or breaks the player. As the levels progress so does the difficulty, but don't let frustration take over as the game is quite fun once the gamer takes it for a spin.

I highly recommend diving into the single game tutorial, which will help alleviate a bit of the headache that might come along with trying to solve the marble filled puzzle. Of course, one of the aspects of gaming I like the most is just diving into the gameplay and figuring it out as I go. Either way it's a lot of fun. Also, there is a two-player mode that features two colors of balls. Red and blue of course. Basically, the player must drop their own balls in their own pipes, but if they knock their opponents marbles off then their opponent will gain life water and they will be left without the precious liquid.

For its clever use of a column-based puzzle and the added dynamic of integrating falling marbles with switchers, Switchaball offers a lot of gameplay for a small price. Any fan of puzzles will enjoy this game.

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