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symptommd iphone appSymptomMD - In a day in age when many people either don’t have health insurance, their co-pay is a bit steep or, if you’re like me, just don’t like having to go to the doctor. How does one determine what to do when sick or injured? When is a doctors visit necessary and not just precautionary?

The answers to all of those questions may lie in SymptomMD by Self Care Decisions, LLC. Designed to help make educated decisions towards the type of care needed for relief of an illness or injury, SymptomMD could possibly save you thousands of dollars and many wasted hours in doctors offices or emergency waiting rooms.

According to Self Care Decisions LLC, SymptomMD is derived from the clinical protocols that have been tested for 15 years on more than 150 million symptom calls. These protocols have been used by physicians and nurses throughout the US and Canada.

SymptomMD is loaded with a massive amount of information that is fairly easy to access. The first thing to do upon opening SymptomMD is select a symptom. There are four options to selecting a symptom: Alphabetical Index, Body Area Index, Recently Viewed, Keyword Search. Next you’ll narrow your choice by selecting a symptom that most closely identifies your problem. Finally you will receive a list containing advice for the care or treatment of your problem. The advice can range from Call 911 now to Self Care at Home.

SymptomMD has several other features that can also be very helpful. There are options for locating nearby emergency rooms, calling 911, calling your doctor or a child’s doctor, an over-the-counter medication dosage chart and much more.

Having the SymptomMD app is the equivalent of having a first aid book with you at all times. There are certain emergency procedures that everyone should know, such as CPR and Heimlich Maneuver. For those unfortunate situations when illness or injury occurs and you need to determine what to do, SymptomMD is perfect to have available.

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  • Tom Sails

    This is more than a band-aid or even first aid. It helps me decide how sick my kid is and what the best steps are to remedy what ails him. It is great for calming down babysitters and parents alike and getting the child on the road to recovery fast! It is much easier to find specifics than many other symptom checkers.

  • meara morrison

    I am not a hypochondriac and now I can prove it even on my iPhone. Seriously, my childcare employers( mostly university professor/ parents) think I am super good with their kids because I look up symptoms and talk to them about their kids!

  • tara

    This is a bible for three working but always broke Chicagoans! Easy to use and fast to figure out what to do. thanks.

  • Joanne R. Jenkins

    Symptom MD is terrific. Wish it had been around when my children were young. Now I will use when watching my grandchildren for extended periods or when their parents are at work. Talk about peace of mind. Wonderful tool. Very user friendly. J. Jenkins

  • Maureen

    Very useful app! As we approach retirement, it will be a terrific tool for determining whether or not to spend those precious medical dollars!! And now I will feel secure when the grandchildren come to visit as well!!