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Swords and Soldiers is Castle Defense Bliss with Ninja Monkeys

Swords and Soldiers is Castle Defense Bliss with Ninja Monkeys

Ouch! Did you just hit me with a ninja monkey? Chillingo, developers of Cut the Rope, has done it again with Swords and Soldiers, where they welcome you to ye olde times of castle defense dominance where your strategy should be mightier than your sword.

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Cometkaze is Intergalactic Physics-based Game with a Love Twist

I've often wondered what it would be like to play Angry Birds in space, except the bird would be a comet and the game would mash together the fierce style of a Japanese fighter pilot with the speed of light and the physics of space.

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Thief Lupin Challenges You to Become King of Thieves

If you're a fan of micro-platforming games that are action packed, you'll love Thief Lupin, a fun, challenging game that at the top of the charts in App Stores around the world.

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Buy Angry Rhino Rampage on the App Store

Got a Few Minutes? Go on an Angry Rhino Rampage

What’s worse than an angry rhino? An angry rhino on a rampage of course – and there are many worse ways to spend .99 and a few minutes’ time than playing Angry Rhino Rampage for iPhone. A quick, simple side-scrolling action game with several delightful undertones, Angry Rhino Rampage is a solid game debut from MilkDrinkingCow.

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Fragger: Launch Your Attack

Problem: You like launching explosives in physics-based puzzle-worlds to kill enemies. Solution: Angry Birds. Residual problem: You really want to kill people, not pigs. Better Solution: Fragger.


Assault Commando: If It Isn't You, Destroy It!

Overall, I really like Assault Commando, but I do have one nit to pick. 3D Magic says Assault Commando is set in a South American jungle, but its look seems Asian; Perhaps we're in Peru during the rule of Alberto Fujimori.

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Buy James Cameron's Avatar on the App Store

Avatar Delivers Another Solid Performance

Even if you were not a fan of the movie, James Cameron's Avatar is an outstanding game that takes advantage of the strengths of the iPhone/iPod touch platform or the iPad platform in a separate app.

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Buy Guerrilla Bob on the App Store

Guerrilla Bob Blows Stuff Up

Guerrilla Bob is a dual stick shooter with throwaway lines that aren’t that funny — “Say hello to my bullets!” — a 3D landscape that looks like Legoland gone bad, and a story line that won’t replace the Odyssey as the standard of heroic epics any time soon.

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Buy ZombieSmash on the App Store

Zombie Smash: Visceral Evisceration

Visually and thematically, Zombie Smash may remind you of its somewhat more lush castle-defense cousin Plants vs. Zombies. Sound effects are similar too, as are the as-you-go instructions that appear over your screen.

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Buy Hottie Hookups on the App Store

Hottie Hookups Brings Out the Bouncer In You

With its quirky and politically incorrect humor, Hottie Hookups seems to come right off the pages of Mad magazine.  This is a zany game that combines elements of time management and castle defense strategies in a way that is refreshingly unique.

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Buy GAMEBOX 1 on the App Store

All in One Gamebox: 26 Games (and Growing) for $.099

Once upon a time, the bible says, everyone had "threescore years and ten." Nowadays, the average life expectancy is more like 80 than 70, so obviously we'll need something to fill up those extra 10 years.

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Buy Bella Boo on the App Store

Bella Boo is one Tough Zombie Fairy

Bella Boo won't be winning any beauty contests. But she will keep you entertained with a pretty fun and addicting game. As Bella Boo the zombie fairy, you must battle a series of floating creatures, demons, and other evil forces who have invaded your cozy homeland of Dark Wood.

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Jet Through Sky and Blast Aliens in Defendroid

The iPhone's accelerometer has made possible  many great aviation and racing games. It works again in Defendroid, a fun jet vs. aliens aerial combat game that has some fun, albeit simple, gameplay.


Buy TankTigers on the App Store

Tank Tigers Offers Multi-Player iPhone Fun

Tank Tigers is a new 3D shooting game for iPhone that puts players in control of various tanks on different battlefields as you try to score the most combat points. Tank Tigers places players in a 3D WWII setting with five different tanks to choose from and two modes of play – single and multi player.


Buy RocketBird For Kids on the App Store

Grab Rocket Bird While You Can

Rocket Bird by Be Tomorrow is a simple, silly, yet whimsical game that features a bird, a rocket, and many country farm obstacles. The app presents a clear, simple objective – fly as far as you can.

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