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Antivirus Has Rough Edges, but Potential

Antivirus - Computer viruses are the nightmare of any computer user. Clearly worse than aliens or enemy combatants. So why are there so many games where you battle the latter instead of the real enemy you face on a daily basis?


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Sway's Finger Controls Make For Swinging Good Time

Illusion Labs, the same group behind the excellent Labyrinth and the debatable Touchgrind, is at it again. Their newest game to hit the App Store is Sway, which succeeds in creating a gaming experience that is uniquely tailored to the iPhone/iPod touch.

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First Contact: Missile Defense iPhone Style

First Contact is like a three-dimensional version of Missile Command. It requires blasting enemy invaders that are seeking to destroy your colonies. A quick game of swiping and tapping to destroy the aliens awaits. It provides a good experience and great game play for anyone looking for another game to add to their iPhone/iPod Touch.

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Wild West Guns Earns a Perfect Mark

Ladies and gentlemen, Gameloft has delivered another extraordinary iPhone game yet again. Wild West Guns is a rail shooter similar to what you may have seen in the arcade scene back in the early nineties.

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Buy iDracula - Undead Awakening on the App Store

Blast Evil Creatures with Addicting iDracula-Undead Awakening

New game iDracula - Undead Awakening is an addicting foray into the world of action gaming for the iPhone/iPod touch. You will likely lose hours to blasting werewolves and Dracula himself with a combination of weapons that will barely keep you from falling to your predators.

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Buy Hellfire - Exciting Helicopter Combat on the App Store

Hellfire: Cold War Helicopter Gunship is Action on Your iPhone

Hellfire brings back the days of the Cold War as you guide a helicopter gunship through enemy territory on a clandestine mission. Hellfire begins with your choice of either an American or Soviet helicopter to take into battle.

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Buy Ultimate Thumb Fighter on the App Store

Ultimate Thumb Fighter is a Bloody Battle for Domination

Ultimate Thumb Fighter iPhone app by SWN Software falls short of the ultimate thumbs up. I really wanted to love this game. I play thumb wars with my favorite 12 year old quite often. When this app popped up on my radar, I was ready for action.

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Orion's Belt Delivers Space Drama In Spades

Orion's Belt - Most games on the iPhone put a premium on delivering quick-hitting 5- to 10-minute engagements rather than the longevity of a traditional, console-style game. Considering that most iPhone gaming is typically done in short bursts, that approach it is completely understandable.

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i Sniper: First Person Shooter Misses The Mark

While I Sniper can be fun at times it is way too rough and unpolished to be recommended. The controls are a bit awkward, the graphics are not great, and the storyline narrative needs a grammar check. The premise of I Sniper is that you are, of course, a sniper who must take out some terrorist enemies.


SpaceX is a Great Start With More Features to Come

SpaceX has the shell of what could be a great game. It excels where some other action games fall short. While in its current form it is not as stron as the excellent Sentry Alpha, it has some great features and promises to get better.


Buy Brothers In Arms® Hour of Heroes on the App Store

Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes (BIA)

As the iPhone continues to impress with it’s capacity to provide meaningful gameplay experiences, Gameloft has delivered a very ambitious game in Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes (BIA) that provides a trip back to World War II.


Buy Space Storm on the App Store

Battle in Space with Cosmo Hero

The latest version of Cosmo Hero offers up some excellent game play and is vastly improved over the original. This version is the newest game from DAVA Consulting, the same group behind iDicto and the underwhelming Zoom Zoom.

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Buy Payback on the App Store

Sometimes Payback Can Be a Great Thing

Sandbox gaming has officially come to the iPhone. Payback, developed by Apex Designs, is a shameless clone of the experience found in the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) franchise. The GTA franchise is known for pushing the envelope with crazy dialog, violent missions and delving into all kinds of taboo subject matter.

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Buy Aeterius: Contact Wars on the App Store

Aeterius: Contact Wars - Fight For Your Home Planet

Aeterius: Contact Wars is a unique idea that works well for the iPhone. The object of the game is to hold the iPhone parallel to the ground and tilt the device in the direction that you want your ship to go.

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Buy AirFight on the App Store

Airfight Puts You In The Cockpit of a Flight Simulator

Airfight is a good attempt at delivering a dogfight sim for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Developing an app with the complexities involved is no minor feat, and most of the game play turns out quite well. But there is some room to grow and other features that would make this even more compelling.

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