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Interactive Storybook Asks: Have You Ever Seen a Moose Brush His Teeth?

Author, Jamie McClaine, launched her idea of promoting good personal hygiene to children with her first storybook app for kids, “Have you ever seen a Moose brushing his teeth?” which is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

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Kickin Momma Kicks a Bit of Peg-Busting Butt

Kickin Momma Kicks a Bit of Peg-Busting Butt

A “New & Noteworthy” title in the App Store, Kickin Momma from Hothead Games (the creators of Death Spank for Xbox and Kard Combat for iPhone) is definitely a winner. A peg-busting, pinball-esque game that is reminiscent of Pop Cap’s Peggle, but with its own brand of game action, Kickin Momma is a delightful casual game suitable for all ages.


Deadmans Productions Launches “The Patriots” – A Revolutionary War Game for iPhone and ANDROID Devices

The Patriots
We could not be more thrilled that Apple has recognized the quality of our game so quickly. We just hope that our customers feel the same way.
There are two versions of "The Patriots" being released simultaneously: “The US Edition,” which demands persistence, is being released in the United States and “The UK Edition,” which is based on strategy, is being released in Great Britain - and the rest of the world.

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Connectrode Definitely Connects with Puzzle Fans

Connectrode Definitely Connects with Puzzle Fans

Looking for a thought-provoking and completely original puzzle game to occupy your mind? Look no further than Connectrode – a new puzzle game developed just for iOS by a team of independent designers.

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Avast Ye Matey! Pirate Strike is a Bit of a Dodgy Game

Cheesy pirate puns aside, Pirate Strike is a dodgy little game that is both simple and deceptively frustrating. The concept is simple – keep your pirate from being blown up by cannon fire.


Buy LawnMowerKids on the App Store

Lawn Mower Kids is an Allergy-Free Good Time

Lawn Mower Kids is a game where you control kids as they mow lawns around their neighborhood. Trust me: it's a lot more fun than it sounds.
Law Mower Kids is actually a twist on the classic "real-time strategy" gaming genre.


Buy Mr Giggle 2 on the App Store

Mr. Giggle Offers Tetris-Like Play for Puzzle Lovers on iPhone and iPad

Mr. Giggle (editor's note: now replaced by Mr. Giggle 2) is a very fun and addictive game that plays well on the iPhone but is even better with the extra screen real estate on the iPad.
Unlike its predecessor, Mr.

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Buy Cartoon Sprint: Added Hurdles on the App Store

Cartoon Sprint: Added Hurdles: New Record of Personal!

Cartoon Sprint: Added Hurdles only knows broken English and it's incredibly simple, nevertheless, many people can't bring themselves to put it down. Like many of the hand-drawn apps that came before it, Cartoon Sprint even made it into the Top 100 for awhile.


Buy Storm Attack® on the App Store

Storm Attack is Fast Paced Block Blasting Action

The arcade/puzzle genre of match and break brick games is inundated with titles ranging from classic games like Tetris and Break Out to newer games with modern twists. If this genre appeals to you, check out Storm Attack, one of the more recent games available from developer Rhock & Rholl Studios, LLC.

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Buy Sea Rascals on the App Store

Sea Rascals Is Frantic But Fun

It's kind of funny — I grew up in the Florida Keys, so to me (and probably to most people, actually), the ocean is all about tranquility. However, Sea Rascals, which is set in the ocean? Makes me frantic!

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Buy StickWars on the App Store

Hell Yeah! StickWars Uses Simple Gameplay, Requires Real Strategy

Get ready to get stuck up! Not in a literal sense, but rather, a new addictive game from indie developer John E. Hartzog which has blazed its way to the top of the App Store. StickWars is a frenetic war game that aims to capture the perfect balance of simple gameplay and meaningful strategy.

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Buy YETISPORTS 1 on the App Store

Launch Penguins with YETISPORTS 1: Pingu Throw

YETISPORTS 1:  Pingu Throw - Penguins are one of those well-loved animals on our planet.  Maybe it is the adorable way they waddle, the little honking noises they make, or the way they fly through the air yelling “yippee!” when a Yeti hits them with a baseball bat.

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Critter Crunch Combines Match-Three and Block-Dropping Puzzles for Munch Fun

Starwave's Critter Crunch has gotten rave reviews from nearly everyone who has played the game and it's easy to understand why that is.
Critter Crunch blends nicely-rendered graphics, infectious soundtrack and addictive game play into an app that's unlike any other I've reviewed.


Buy iNinja Lite on the App Store

iNinja Lite Is A Shining (Throwing) Star

Geppetto Inc.'s iNinja Lite is a thoroughly addictive game of staving off opposing ninjas with while mastering one's own ninja skills.
The App Store description boasts the game's physics engine and high frame rate.


Buy Smack Me™ on the App Store

Smack Me Game Provides Simple Pleasure

When you start to play Smack Me, your first thought might be, “This is too easy.” You get through the first level, unlocking the medium level, and your confidence builds. “I will unlock the hard level in no time,” you say to yourself.

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