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Rogue Touch Remixes a 30 Year Old Classic

Rogue Touch - Reviving classic games for a new generation is the new black. I’m happy to say that I’ve been around long to enough to have first hand experiences with the original versions of newly re-imagined games to compare and contrast from a historic perspective.


Mr. Papi Eat More Burgers to Win

PapiJump Land is a cute app that involves a little red ball man (Mr. Papi as he is called). The goal of PapiJump Land is to jump around the level and eat all the hamburgers. There are obstacles in the way of you getting those hamburgers so you have to watch out.

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Rocky Artue is a Side-scrolling Misadventure with Misgivings

Rocky Artue - There is much mystery surrounding this side-scrolling platform adventure game for iPhone/iPod touch released earlier this month by Imaginuity New Media Inc. starting with the title.


Buy Brothers In Arms® Hour of Heroes on the App Store

Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes (BIA)

As the iPhone continues to impress with it’s capacity to provide meaningful gameplay experiences, Gameloft has delivered a very ambitious game in Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes (BIA) that provides a trip back to World War II.


Snail Mail is an Adventure Game that Really Delivers

Admittedly, the idea of an animated snail delivering intergalactic packages sounds like a goofy premise for a racing game, but Snail Mail, by Sandlot Games, deserves some attention. Snail Mail is a racing adventure game that features Turbo the Snail, who you must guide through an interplanetary obstacle course to make package deliveries.


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iDodge: Space Ninja is a Cool Flying Shooter with a Bad Name

iDodge: Space Ninja - If you’re confused about what the heck a Space Ninja is, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Typically ninjas tend to do what they do over in the Eastern Hemisphere, not north of the Ionosphere.

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Buy Archibald's Adventures on the App Store

Archibald's Adventures: Excellent Platformer-style Action

As a child of the eighties (I was born in '81), I spent countless hours of my childhood playing the Super Mario Brothers games. I know them, I love them, and I won't lie, sometimes I miss them.

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Buy Payback on the App Store

Sometimes Payback Can Be a Great Thing

Sandbox gaming has officially come to the iPhone. Payback, developed by Apex Designs, is a shameless clone of the experience found in the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) franchise. The GTA franchise is known for pushing the envelope with crazy dialog, violent missions and delving into all kinds of taboo subject matter.

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Look for More Strategy and Story-Heavy Adventure Games in the Next Few Months

In the months ahead, you'll continue to see the same steady flow of puzzle and word games in the App Store, but just not as many of them as before. You'll also see more strategy titles and some new genres, especially in the story-heavy adventure game category.


Fleck Tells a Magic Story

Fleck is a board game app for the iPhone and I have yet to see anything similar. The object of the game is to get the little guy in the green shirt, also known  as Fleck, to the cove. You have to do this without coming into contact with the acid raindrops or the toadstool which will poison him and ultimately end the game.


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Hero of Sparta is an Epic Hack and Slash

Gameloft's new Hero of Sparta is positively stunning in every way: The graphics are beyond belief, the game play is nearly flawless and the sound tracks and effects are exquisite. There's been a recent influx of games in and around the $9.99 price point and I'm starting to get a feel for which ones are worth paying for.

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Roll Like a Rolando in Innovative iPhone Game

Rolando, one of the most anticipated games for iPhone and iPod touch, is ready for download and iPhone gaming will never be the same. Rolando is an awesome example of what developers can accomplish using Apple's multi-touch technology and accelerometer — and a whole lot of imagination.


Buy Toy Bot Diaries 3 on the App Store

Toy Bot 3 is Trilogy's "Final Frontier"

Toy Bot Diaries Entry 3 is now available. The third installment of the popular game series, our courageous courier heads above the clouds and into Outer Space on his journey to deliver a message to King Bot.

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Buy Armado HD on the App Store

Armado is an Adventure Game for all Ages

Armado by Tricky Software, developers of Spore Origins, is a fully animated adventure game where you play as Armado, a cute but tough armadillo. For the most part Armado is not as big on back story as some adventure games tend to be and what you gather from the brief clips in the opening is just about all you are going to get to begin your journey.

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Buy Line Rider iRide™ on the App Store

Line Rider Is A Daredevil

It's time for everyone to bring out their mad daredevil skills. Line Rider gives you the chance to draw out a course so that the character in the game can ride it. It's a lot more fun than it sounds.


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