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Buy The Bible BooClips - Creation on the App Store

Popular BooClips Storybook Brings Bible Stories to the iPad

Castle Builders is launching 2 new BooClips apps for the iPad of Bible stories from the Old Testament; Creation and Cain and Abel. These apps feature high quality videos which were produced with an investment of nearly 3 Million USD.

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Buy Sign 4 Me - A Signed English Translator on the App Store

Sign4Me is a 3D Signed English Translator for iPhone and Touch

I would like to preface this review of Sign4Me for iPhone and iPod touch  by saying that I am not an expert in Signed English or American Sign Language (ASL), but am aware there are differences.

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Buy iSign Lite on the App Store

iSign Lite: An Introduction to American Sign Language

Created by Aaron Basil of iDev2 (makers of ABC Letters, ABC Sign, ABC Words, Animal Farm, Sound Box, and Tell Time), iSign Lite is a free, introductory version of the larger iSign. Direct descendants of ABC Sign, an application that teaches the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet to children, iSign and iSign Lite take a step further using 3D animated characters to demonstrate a full range of ASL signs.

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