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Old School Arcade Bowling is Skeeball for the iPhone

Remember that gorgeous, graceful teenage girl, gliding around on roller skates at the old fashioned rink and arcade. That wasn't me. I was clinging to stationary objects, seconds from peril with every move.

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Radio Flare Game is Like Defender With Super-Cool Music

Radio Flare is a fast-paced iPhone game from studio radiolaris that is reminiscent of Defender. You guide your spaceship to target and destroy enemy spaceships, with an added bonus: the ships explode rhythmically, adding personalized percussion to the groovy soundtrack.

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Octo's Tales: Pirates! Cannons! And...UFOs?

If you're an octopus pirate, you can't just sit back when you're attacked by UFOs — you have to fight them off! (There's a sentence I never thought I'd type.) And in Octo's Tales by Granet Entertainment, that's exactly what you do.

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Lock, Load and Rampage With Namco's Time Crisis Strike

I'm not known to be even tempered, which explains why I own only a few guns. Maybe that's why I find games such as Namco's Time Crisis Strike therapeutic. Time Crisis Strike has been around for more than 10 years and it's a classic, 3D "duck and shooter," which sprang to life in the arcades and has been ported to a good number of home consoles and handhelds.

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Krypton Egg Tries Hard but It's a Weak Implementation of Breakout

It's hard to find anything new to do with the classic breakout game, although Chillingo works hard to advance the genre with Krypton Egg - The Ultimate Breakout. Unfortunately, it falls short in some areas.


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The Future is Now in Low Grav Racer

Low Grav Racer - If you've been jonesing for a futuristic low-gravity racer like the classic Wipeout and F-Zero 3D racers for your iPhone or iPod touch, then slide into the cockpit of Cobra Mobile's Low Grav Racer.

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Upsi Runner is Arcade Action at a Snail's Pace

As a fan of classic style arcade games, I appreciate any modern developer’s attempt to design a retro-style game to appeal to the masses. Upsi Runner by Shen Mansell demonstrates an interpretation of a classic arcade-style game featuring a snail that alternately side scrolls across levels amidst vertically moving enemies.


Boa Constrictor Squeezes Out a New Attempt at an Old Idea

Adding yet another app to the classic snake game category, the release of Boa Constrictor by Excelltech Mobile has at least proven there is always a way to put a spin on a tried and true game.


Vase Craze Will Make You Crazy — But Some People Like That

The objective of Vase Craze, created by Mehware, is to move a basket around a warehouse floor and catch vases before they fall off the end of conveyor belts. It's a concept, which reminds me a lot about Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times or an episode from I Love Lucy, both which played off the crushing tediousness of factory work.


Bang! Challenging Gameplay Needs More User Feedback

Bang! Challenging Gameplay Needs More User Feedback

Bang! Is an old school arcade game that has a lot of explosions and some pretty funky graphics. Bombs fall from the sky at an unstoppable pace and your job is to make sure you blow them right out of the sky.


Chopper Flies to the Rescue with Aplomb

Majic Jungle Software's Chopper runs along the same vein as ngmoco's Dropship where the object of the game is to pilot an aircraft over land, in a cave or in deep space to rescue stranded comrades while the bad guys blast away at you with all kinds of military-grade weaponry.

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ExZeus Revives Old-School Shooter-On-Rails

ExZeus, from HyperDevbox Japan, is a 3-D shoot 'em up port of the coin-op arcade game. It's a shooter-on-rails similar in game play and concept to Space Harrier, another old-school favorite.


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iDodge: Space Ninja is a Cool Flying Shooter with a Bad Name

iDodge: Space Ninja - If you’re confused about what the heck a Space Ninja is, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Typically ninjas tend to do what they do over in the Eastern Hemisphere, not north of the Ionosphere.

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Whack ‘em All in Spazzle Classic, Slammin' Critter-Crushing Fun

Whack ‘em All iPhone app by Fairlady Media takes a page from those arcade games you’ve played using a mallet to whack the little creatures as they pop up out of their holes. Whack 'em All nails it right on the little critters heads.

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Retro - Cave Flyer is an Old Concept With Modern Execution

Retro - Cave Flyer, from Big Head Games, is indeed a retro concept and a game for cave dwellers, as the name clearly says. Successfully steer your space ship through a cave, rescue your comrades and avoid a variety of dangers capable of blowing you to kingdom come.


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