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Platypus: Retro Arcade Side-Scroll Shooter Modeled in Clay

Platypus, from Handmark, ranks among the best-looking side-scrolling shooting games to debut in the App Store. Heck, make that one of the best-looking games in the entire App Store. It's got great claymation-style, colorful graphics.


Rick Rocketson Brings Old-School Platformer into Modern Times

Rick Rocketson Pro, our hero in the similarly named game from Liquid Air Lab, was trekking home one day or night (in space it's hard to tell) at warp speed when a band of marauding space  pirates shot him down.


Bomber Online Shows That After 25 Years Bomberman is Still Going Strong

Eurocenter's Bomber Online, is a community-oriented version of the Bomberman classic, which turned 25 years old in 2008, if you can believe it. Bomber Online is the same as it ever was: Strategically place bombs where they'll blow up obstacles and enemies and then run like hell before they explode.


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Duck Killer Lacks Killer Instinct of Other Hunting Apps

Hunting has a long tradition in video games. There was Duck Hunt, a classic that many still own or have downloaded to their Nintendo Wii. Or there is the Big Game Hunter series. Hunting games have developed their own niche among video game fans.


Living Life on the Edge May be Cliche but it's a Compelling Puzzle Game

It's been a while since I've had an "Aha!" moment with an iPhone or iPod touch app. Mobigame's Edge reminded me of what I've been missing. It's by far one of the most compelling games that I've seen in the App Store.


Flight of the Hamsters is an Absolute Blast

Inspired by Cartoon Network’s animated series Codename: Kids Next Door, Flight of the Hamsters for the iPhone/iPod touch is a unique game app that utilizes touch screen controls to launch hamsters from a spring board on as continuous a flight as possible to achieve the greatest distance.

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Pudge is a Challenge to Master

Combine an adorable animated puffer fish with a snappy soundtrack and the premise of a simple arcade game and you have Pudge. Similar to iCopter, but with far better graphics, Pudge utilizes one-touch controls to move a puffer fish through an underwater cave, avoiding obstacles along the way.

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Aeterius: Contact Wars - Fight For Your Home Planet

Aeterius: Contact Wars is a unique idea that works well for the iPhone. The object of the game is to hold the iPhone parallel to the ground and tilt the device in the direction that you want your ship to go.

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Touchgrind Misses Mark With Gameplay

Touchgrind is addictive — but for all the wrong reasons. I found myself madly playing for hours trying to master a control scheme that was nearly impossible to navigate. Touchgrind is a skateboarding game that works like a virtual Tech Deck fingerboard.


Even Barbarians Would Like this Maze Game

Even Attila the Hun would enjoy playing Hudson Entertainment's Slyder Adventures, that's how much fun it is. It's a classic maze game but with its facile game play, crisp, brightly colored graphics and infectious sound track, it's hard to put down.


IncinviBall Could Use Stronger Game Play

One of the fun things about playing Croquet or Bocce is getting to smash another player's ball to kingdom come. When I first laid eyes on Proton Studio's InvinciBall I thought it might be just as fun in the smash department as one of those two games.


Tunnel is an Old Twist on an Old Graphing Calculator Game

You will not find simpler game play or a more graphically rudimentary app in the App Store than Orial Ferrer Mesia's Tunnel. All you have to do is look at the accompanying picture to see that.


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Target Tap Takes Talent

iPhone games aren’t always puzzles, shrouded in mystery or suspense. Sometimes they’re unbelievably simple games like TargetTap. TargetTap is a game where the aim is to quickly hit the red targets. The more of them you hit the more points you earn.


Gab To Go: More Talk Makes for a More Festive Occasion

Right Brain Factory believes its new Gab to Go will help your family savor the holidays, which can be quite a feat for some. You know how it is: Everyone in the family can't wait for the holidays.


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Dropship: ngmoco's Takes its Games to Deep Space

Mission: Navigate your Dropship spacecraft through the most treacherous canyons anywhere in deep  space, while dodging sustained enemy fire from turrets, tanks and interceptors. When you've reached the chasm's deepest bowels, retrieve glowing, life-sustaining cargo pods and evacuate your marooned friends.

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