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Sticky Licky: Grab the Little Buggers if You Can

The early frog gets the bugs! Sticky Licky from visionwise is a cute, old school-style game for the iPhone. Your primary purpose is to help Sticky Licky the frog eat as many flies as possible while avoiding bees and other dangers.

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Bailout America: More Fun Than The Actual Economy

Bailout America: More Fun Than The Actual Economy

Really now, what good is a financial crisis if there's no arcade game about it? Bailout America by Doe Doe Games combines the United States' current economic mess with an old-fashioned Lemmings-style strategy game.


ExZeus Revives Old-School Shooter-On-Rails

ExZeus, from HyperDevbox Japan, is a 3-D shoot 'em up port of the coin-op arcade game. It's a shooter-on-rails similar in game play and concept to Space Harrier, another old-school favorite.


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Pudge is a Challenge to Master

Combine an adorable animated puffer fish with a snappy soundtrack and the premise of a simple arcade game and you have Pudge. Similar to iCopter, but with far better graphics, Pudge utilizes one-touch controls to move a puffer fish through an underwater cave, avoiding obstacles along the way.

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Even Barbarians Would Like this Maze Game

Even Attila the Hun would enjoy playing Hudson Entertainment's Slyder Adventures, that's how much fun it is. It's a classic maze game but with its facile game play, crisp, brightly colored graphics and infectious sound track, it's hard to put down.


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GoSanta! Brings the Holiday Spirit But it Doesn't Last

The GoSanta! app by developer Great Apps is a Christmas-themed arcade game with a fun holiday soundtrack.
GoSanta is simple and easy to pick up for the young and old. The evil Grinch has stolen all of Santa's Christmas presents and all of the kids will be sad if Santa does not get them back.


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Pinch 'n Pop! Will Have Your Fingers Hurting From Fun

The first app store release by developer Chaotic Box, Pinch 'n Pop! will bring tons of fun to any arcade game addicts out there. Designed exclusively for the iPhone platform, Pinch 'n Pop offers addicting color-matching fun that gets increasingly frantic as the game's pace increases.


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SuperPig Saves the World From Alien Invaders

A super hero’s work is never done even when you’re a pig. SuperPig is a “hammy” hero with a jet pack and ammo that flies all around the world. The goal of SuperPig is simple. Protect the world from the alien invaders.

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Kroll takes iPhone Graphics to Another Level

Kroll, created by Spanish game developer Digital Legends Entertainment brings a game full of myth and magic to the iPhone. Kroll is an action-packed arcade game set in an ancient world in which the player has to accumulate magic by killing enemies.


In Review -- The Week Ending Fri Sept 26

This week the iPhone's spotlight was dimmed by the extraordinary events in the financial sector and by the (somewhat lukewarm) unveiling of Google Android. Still there are a number of things worth recapping:

First, the iPhone growth remains unabated.


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