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Buy SocialCoaster on the App Store

Forget The Hashtag! Proclaims Newly Launched Mobile Startup

SocialCoaster, a Nashville based tech start up, just launched their highly anticipated mobile app. Founded by 25 year-old entrepreneur Jonathan Burdon, the app will provide the world with a new and exciting way to share experiences through photos.


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Statgeek Changes the Game with New Basketball Stat App

StatGeek, LLC today is pleased to announce the arrival of StatGeek 1.0 for iPad. With StatGeek, users can capture accurate and insightful statistics for basketball via an easy-to-use touch-screen interface that simply tracks the movement of the ball.


Buy Harry and the Haunted House – Wanderful interactive storybook in English and Spanish on the App Store

Harry and the Haunted House Wins Childrens Technology Review Award

Wanderful, Inc. has been awarded the prestigious Editor's Choice Award for from Children's Technology Review for its interactive storybook, Harry and the Haunted House. "Harry" is the fourth title originally published by Living Books to be enhanced and updated for iOS devices by Wanderful.


Buy Boomtime Baseball on the App Store

Boomtime Baseball Brings Baseballs Golden Age to iOS

Saunter up to the batter's box and hit one out of the park in the latest release from Distinctive Developments, Boomtime Baseball 1.0 on iOS. Set in the 1920s, Boomtime Baseball captures the spirit of baseball's legendary athletes like Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson in a nostalgic home run derby draped in the glitz of the Roaring Twenties.


Buy Ballpark Digest on the App Store

Let Your iPhone Take You Out to the Ballgame

Gogal Publishing Company has released a new GPS enabled iPhone and iPad app that guides baseball fans to all the professional baseball stadiums and provides team details at the touch of a button.


Buy Sports Scoreboard on the App Store

Keep Track of Sports Matches with Sports Scoreboard 1.0 for iOS

JAS Applications has announced the release of Version 1.0 of their new iOS App Sports Scoreboard. Keep score of Football, Rugby, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Baseball, NFL and Squash matches all in one App!


Buy Cheat Some on the App Store

Cheat Some Offers to Help Draw Something Players

A new iPhone and iPad app has been released to help players of the social phenomenon Draw Something. Unlike other games like poker or baseball where cheating is generally frowned upon, Draw Something is based on cooperative play, which makes cheating actually beneficial to both players.


Buy iLineup HD on the App Store

CarusoApps Releases iLineup HD 1.3 for iOS

CarusoApps today is pleased to announce iLineup HD 1.3, an update to their sports-based app for iPhone and iPad devices. iLineup HD was specifically developed for liked minded baseball players, coaches, managers and fans, and to help them keep track of their favorite team.


Buy Fantasy Baseball App on the App Store

Moneyballers Unite - MLB Fantasy Baseball App 2012

Your smart phone just got smarter! Draft Day is approaching, do you know where your team is? Many owners are making last-minute fantasy decisions, which are often more complex than the binary, keep-him-or-dump-him variety of decision-making.


Punish or Play - Kick the Buddy Update Has Plenty of Options

Punish or Play - Kick the Buddy Update Has Plenty of Options

We all need to let off a little steam now and then. That doesn't mean that cruelty is the way to do it! Then again, sometimes it is. Either way, Kick the Buddy has lots of mini games so, chances are, you'll be able to find the stress reliever you're looking for.


Sports Speed Gun turns your iPhone into a Radar Gun

We've all become accustomed to data overload when watching our favourite sports team on TV. A myriad of stats plaster the screen, and some of them are interesting. Amongst the interesting ones are those that the viewer can relate to in their own amateur sports teams.


MMA Stream Tracks the Tweets of Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

MMA Stream Tracks the Tweets of Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

Independent developer Darko Sancanin today is pleased to announce MMA Stream for iOS, a Sports app that allows users to easily follow tweets from professional MMA fighters and associations. Part of his Stream Apps Suite, which includes twitter clients that track pro Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, and Baseball athletes, MMA Stream gives users a first hand look into the lives of pro fighters.


Buy 3 Minute Baseball on the App Store

3-Minute Baseball is iOS App of Strategy and Statistics

It's the bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded and your team is up by three. Do you keep your pitcher in who has thrown a solid game or do you bring in your star closer? These are the types of questions, that as a manager, you'll have to know in Strat-O-Matic's 3-Minute Baseball app where putting in a southpaw closer might bring you the victory you've practiced for all year.

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EvriThing Baseball is Stats, Photos, Scores and More

There's nothing like the smell of pine tar in the afternoon combined with a warm sunny day, a hotdog and sharing a beverage or two while watching America's favorite game. Unfortunately, I live in a rainy town without a major league baseball team.


Wise Guide Wrigley Field Takes You Out to the Ball Game the Right Way

The makers of the Wise Guide Fan Navigator series and the companion site, are expanding the fandemonium by bringing more fan trivia and "locals only" tidbits to MLB stadiums nationwide.


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