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Buy At Bat on the App Store At Bat Drives In The Winning Run At Bat iPhone app by is the perfect app for any baseball fan. If you need an up to the minute score, want to listen to a game, or see the highlights, you can do so right from your iPhone.

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Buy Tap of War on the App Store

Tap of War Tugs at My Competitive Heart Strings

Tap of War by Spokko is one of those ridiculously simple apps that no matter how pointless, endears those of us who pretend our iPhone is not a toy (but secretly are giddy about all the cool, fun stuff it does).

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Buy Baseball Superstars® Pro on the App Store

Baseball Superstars Pro is in a League of its Own

I am not the world’s biggest sports game fan. I have my favorites, like Mario Super Sluggers, but I don’t visit them very often. One of the reasons I don’t care to play them is the complex button pushing, but it wouldn’t really be fair to compare an iPhone app to a console game.

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SGN Emerges as Top Player in i-Sports Games, Accelerometer-based Entertainment

The iPhone 3G has sent a smorgasbord of developers scrambling to their keyboards to create programming gold—applications that will keep those iPhones glued to our hot little hands for hours upon hours.


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