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Buy SalaryBook - Time tracking and Time Sheet on the App Store

Appsequence Announces New Update For SalaryBook Timetracker

Appsequence today released an update for SalaryBook 2.0, their time tracking app for iOS. SalaryBook tracks earnings of those who charge hourly. Users are able to track their worked hours and earnings on-the-go with SalaryBook, this will make sure that any billable hour doesn't go unaccounted.

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Buy Easy Spending Expense Tracker - Save expenses on the App Store

An easy and beautiful way to keep track of your finances

Tekton Technologies today is pleased to announce the enhanced version and immediate availability of their flagship app on the App store, "Easy Spending Expense Tracker 2.3", their comprehensive and easy-to-use money tracker for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

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Buy Trip Photos - Tag, Search N Share on the App Store

New Trip Photos iOS App Enhances How Users Capture, Tag N Share Photos

Tekton Technologies (P) Ltd., is excited to announce the release of their brand new app - Trip Photos - Tag, Search N Share. For a limited time only, users can experience the power of this amazing app for half price.


Day-Timer iOS Productivity App Syncs with Facebook, iCal and Outlook

Day-Timer iOS Productivity App Syncs with Facebook, iCal and Outlook

Smartphones have allowed many workers to transition themselves into on-the-go productivity machines. And while the iPhone's built-in Calendar and Reminders apps work wonders, they've left plenty of room for improvement for third-party developers such as Plan2Go and their Day-Timer scheduling productivity app.

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Buy Appointment-Plus on the App Store

Numbers Don't Lie: Appointment-Plus is the Preferred Online Scheduler Calendar with Over 15 Million Individual Users

Appointment-Plus continues to be the online scheduler calendar of choice among service-based businesses and organizations as over 15 million individual users in the United States and 11 other countries worldwide have utilized the software since 2001.


Buy Countdown Calendar on the App Store

Countdown Calendar Helps You Keep Track of Special Days

Countdown Calendar, from developer Greg Maletic, helps you keep track of important events that are impending and helps you stay informed of just when the big day will arrives. For me, Countdown Calendar could also help me from falling into hot water with people because I forgot a special date or an appointment.

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