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Spikko Telecom launches Spikko app - A Multi-Number with one SIM app

Spikko Telecom, a leading provider of affordable multi-line calling services, today is proud to announce the release of Spikko 1.0, the first multi-line mobile app that lets users enjoy several phone numbers on one smartphone device, with one SIM, using GSM technology.


Buy Ringtone Director Presidential Edition: Obama & Bush TTS Voices for Talking CallerID Ringtones on the App Store

Obama announces your calls via Ringtone Director Presidential Edition

Lookout Siri! With the government shutdown, it appears that President Obama has been moonlighting as a voiceover announcer thanks to Ringtone Director Presidential Edition! That's right, whatever users type will be spoken by the President of the United States, and the audio can be saved as a ringtone in both Apple's .m4r iPhone format and the .MP3 format for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or other devices!


7 Great iPhone Apps to Create Custom Ringtones, Alerts and Alarms

7 Great iPhone Apps to Create Custom Ringtones, Alerts and Alarms

Creating a custom ringtone is easier than you think — especially with a good ringtone app. Get creative and customize your iPhone with unique sounds.

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Call Bliss Improves iPhone's Do Not Disturb Feature With Groups

nVariance today is thrilled to announce the release of Call Bliss 1.0, a simple-yet-powerful app that enhances iOS 6.0's new "Do Not Disturb" feature by making it easier for iPhone users to manage who can call them while Do Not Disturb is activated.