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Climb, Jump, and Fight Your Way to the Top in NinJump Deluxe

Climb, Jump, and Fight Your Way to the Top in NinJump Deluxe

NinJump Deluxe is in a class of games that owes its existence to the iPhone, games that can only be played with a screen held in portrait mode. We’ll call them “vertical platformers.” In this type of game, the player must move the character upward, not forward.

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Buy Ants Smasher on the App Store

Ant Smasher Finds Greatness in Being Gross

Given the interactive, high-resolution touch screen of the iPhone and our primal instinct to smash things that can be smashed, it seems only natural that developers build games to capitalize on this repressed aggression.

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Buy Moto Mania Dirt Bike Challenge on the App Store

Moto Mania: Ride, Crash and Relax for the Casual Gamer

Moto Mania is a ragdoll physics-based dirtbike game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it follows in the footsteps of some of the classic side-scrolling dirtbike stunt games of the past, like Excite Bike for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.


Buy Super Mega Worm on the App Store

Tremors Has Nothing On Super Mega Worm

Wrangling its way through a set of updates that fixed compatibility issues with iOS 4, Super Mega Worm developers Deceased Pixels LLC has an apparent hit on their hands. Hearken the days of quarters lost at the arcade, Super Mega Worm is a piece of 8 bit imitation, old school glory with more charm than Centipede.

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Buy Blyx Alien Puzzle on the App Store

Blyx Features Fun without Commitment

You want a game with simple rules and one that doesn’trequire any commitment on your part. Play it, put it down, pick up from where you left off. It's that simple. Blyx, from Pearl Fisher Games, falls into that category.


Buy Orbital Defence on the App Store

Finger Flick or Die in Orbital Defence

Orbital Defence is a retro-arcade shooter with elements of Missile Command, Galaga, Moon Patrol and other space-defense style games popularized by Atari, Namco and Sega soon after the dawn of video gaming.


Buy Numbers to 1 - Brain Puzzle on the App Store

Numbers to 1 a Real Puzzler

Numbers to 1 is a logic puzzle game for both the iPhone or the iPod touch that has some enjoyable components, but you must really enjoy number puzzles to enjoy the game. It is a blend of Traffic Jam and basic subtraction that may seem confusing at first, but given a chance, isn't all that bad.


Buy RocketBird For Kids on the App Store

Grab Rocket Bird While You Can

Rocket Bird by Be Tomorrow is a simple, silly, yet whimsical game that features a bird, a rocket, and many country farm obstacles. The app presents a clear, simple objective – fly as far as you can.

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Buy Nut Chuckin' on the App Store

Nut Chuckin is Fun for a Crisp Fall Afternoon

It's tough to get ready for winter, especially when the other squirrels are bent on destroying you. Such is the moral of the story in Nut Chuckin'. Nut Chuckin' is a game where you must dodge the flying nuts of your tormentors and attempt to beat them at their own game.

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Buy SWINE TIME - Reaction Test on the App Store

Swine Time is an entertaining flight in under 30 seconds

There seems to be a correlation for me lately... The shorter a game is, the longer I play it. And this is certainly the case with Swine Time, the newest release from Vito Technology. If you're lucky, a game of Swine Time will take 30-60 seconds to play.

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Buy Medieval on the App Store

Medieval is a Polished Castle Defense Game

It's not often that a game can truly appeal to gamers of multiple skill levels. But I think that Medieval, the castle defense game from Brisk Mobile, is one of those games. Set the difficulty to easy and it's challenging but winnable, a good incentive for casual gamers to keep playing.


Buy SketchDungeon on the App Store

Discover Casual and Basic RPG Fun With Sketch Dungeon

Searching out unique and interesting games in the App Store is sometimes daunting, especially with some games and their developers getting more press than others. If you’re looking for something a little bit different in the $0.99 category, you may want to check out Sketch Dungeon by Casual Distraction Games.

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Go Fourth With Firework Frenzy

When I first saw Firework Frenzy in the App Store I was reminded of an older online game with a similar name where you exploded fireworks of different shapes by filling them in with puzzle pieces.


Developer Rajesh Jain Banks on CalcsPro and His Mortgage Background

Rajesh Jain, is the developer of CalcsPro, one of the more popular mortgage calculator apps. We got in touch with Rajesh recently to see how well his app has been doing in the App Store, to find out what else he's working on and what impact he believes the debut of OS 3.0 will have on his app dev plans.


Buy BubbleHead on the App Store

Bubblehead is One Zany iPhone Game and My Newest Addiction

BubbleHead - For those of you that can appreciate a little quirkiness in your life, please pay attention here. The talented team over at CrowdCafé has put together a meaty casual game that leverages an inspired art style and some slick controls.

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