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Stealth Checkers is Chess Hybrid with a Twist

Stealth Checkers is Chess Hybrid with a Twist

Stealth Checkers for iPhone and iPad offers a fresh take on two old school board games that can be fun just about anytime you want a little break from the norm.

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GameRoom Almost Ready for Play Time

GameRoom is a great way to play checkers on the iPad. The game is very responsive and has some nice customization features.  Unfortunately, GameRoom teases you with what could be but feels like it falls a big short.


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Wild West Checkers - Same Game, Different Theme

Wild West Checkers is a slingshot-style checkers game where players attempt to shoot their opponents checkers off the board without losing any of their own. The second such iPhone app I’ve come across with the same principle, and coincidentally the same seller, Wild West Checkers is similar to iChapaev, but sports a wild west cowboy and Indian theme and a price tag of 2 dollars higher.


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iChapaev Puts a Russian Twist on Checkers

iChapaev by MaxNick is supposedly fashioned after a Russian board game, but I have no real idea. At first glance, it resembles checkers a great deal. However, once you start playing it, it more so resembles a checker fight between two rivaling siblings.