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Buy iCarbs - iNutrient: Carbohydrates on the App Store

iCarbs App Provides Diabetics with Glycemic Index in Addition to Carbs

Independent developer James Hollender's iCarbs 3.5, one of 9 iNutrient apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, provides not only Carbohydrate info but also Glycemic index. iCarbs allows anyone to easily find out the carbohydrate content in over 1,100 different food servings.


KidneyDiet Aims to Simplify Dietary Restrictions for Kidney Patients

KidneyDiet Aims to Simplify Dietary Restrictions for Kidney Patients

As a health and nutritional reference, KidneyDiet provides an excellent portable guide option specifically designed for kidney disease patients. For those suffering from chronic kidney disease or end stage renal failure, diet plays a very important role in maintaining health.

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Developers: Today is the Day for Apple's OS 3.0 SDK

Software developers asked, and Apple responded, the company said today at a special press event. Apple's new OS 3.0 software developer's kit will include 1,000 new enhancements that will enable developers to add push-notification, in-app purchasing, peer-to-peer connectivity and much more to their apps.


Buy a2z Pro (Unit Converter) on the App Store

a2zpro - Making the Most of User Integration

a2zpro is the successor to a2z from UK iPhone app developer Westernits and it is a truly innovative tool as far as conversion apps are concerned. Upon every opening of a2zpro the exchange rates are updated for the currency converter, which provides 154 categories with live data from Yahoo!. The currencies work slightly different than in other apps since the user selects the currency and amount and the other 153 conversions are shown underneath (no from-and-to selections are needed and the page is not limited to only a few units).

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