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Buy Color Me !!! on the App Store

Color Me Happy, It's an App for Little Kids!!!

For parents of preschoolers on the prowl for good apps that mix learning and technology, Color Me!!! by SID On is a featured app for kids that provides young children with a mobile electronic coloring book.


Buy Doodle Clock on the App Store

Doodle Clock - Clock-a-Doodle-do!

Though there are several different clock apps available for iPhone, it’s actually kind of daunting to browse the app store for a useful alarm clock app. At least that has been my experience.

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June's The New Yorker Magazine Cover Features iPhone Finger Painting

The June 1 cover of The New Yorker magazine is a finger painting created on the iPhone. As far as I know, it’s the first time the iPhone has been used to create a magazine cover, at least for a brand-name pub.


iPhone Developer Spotlight: Jason Chitla

Jason Chitla, the 12-year-old developer that heads up Jasoncompany, shares his experience developing his first app, uCreate, and his plans for the future. When did you start developing apps for the iPhone?


Jackson Pollock: Unleash Your Inner Artist

Jackson Pollock: Unleash Your Inner Artist

Have you ever wondered how Jackson Pollock became so successful by dripping paint on canvas? I’m sure that anyone that has ever stood back and admired one of his works has asked themselves that very question.

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Use Brushes to Create Your Masterpiece

The closest I've come to painting a canvas is the drop cloth I used the last time I painted the bathroom in my house. Steve Sprang's Brushes is just the thing for a guy like me who's more likely to paint himself into a corner than to create great works of art.

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Pogo Stylus is Finger-Slidin' Good

While I may have been "born with the ultimate pointing device" (according to Steve Jobs), my fingers are a bit oversized when it comes to creating fine detail. It's a problem I've gotten used to when typing text messages, but now that drawing apps are available, it's time to find a better solution.

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Sketchy Brings a Nostaligic Twist to Drawing on iPhone

Sketchy -- Aaron Tait's new-fangled version of the classic etch-a-sketch -- is just like the original. Two large white nobs control a tiny bead as it draws lines across the screen all rolled up in a familiar red package.


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