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Buy Rebtel: Cheap International Calls on the App Store

KeepTalking Technology Aims to End Dropped Calls on iPhone

"Our app makes smart decisions based on price and data connection quality. The app allows you to call any phone or PC anywhere over WiFi/3G or the cellular network using local minutes," said Andreas Bernstrom, Rebtel CEO.

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Showdown! Comparing the Verizon iPhone vs. the AT&T iPhone

The promise of an iPhone that no longer drops calls may be tempting many AT&T customers to switch over to Verizon. But is the grass really greener? It depends. There are many indications the Verizon iPhone offers superior connectivity and far less dropped calls than its AT&T counterpart.

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Top 10 iPhone Complaints: Consumers Most Interested in Basic Phone Functions

iPhone Complaints - It's been 16 months since the original iPhone was released. With its sleek design and impressive gadgetry the iPhone has been a consumer hit and a commercial success — in spite of its high price tag and mandatory two-year wireless commitment with AT&T.

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