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Buy Vocabulator on the App Store

Looking for a Fun New Word Game? Vocabulator Has the Answer

Vocabulator is an apt name for Nexus6 Software’s newest word puzzle app that features clean simple presentation similar in appearance to a calculator, varying degrees of difficulty, and a wealth of word information.

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Buy Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy on the App Store

Pocket Universe is Astronomy Made Easy

Summer is a great time for stargazing and of course your iPhone can aid in that endeavor. Pocket Universe - Your Astronomy Guide by Craic Design is an astronomy guide for iPhone and iPod Touch that has a few good features that utilize the unique capabilities of these devices.


Buy WeatherBug - Weather Forecasts & Alerts on the App Store

WeatherBug Elite is Well Worth the Extra Dollar

WeatherBug Elite - A great many iPhone and Touch users I know have the free version of WeatherBug installed on their device. I did too, for a long time and then a few weeks ago I upgraded to WeatherBug Elite, which eliminates ads and provides additional features.

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Buy Planetarium on the App Store

Soar Through Space with a Pocket Planetarium

Planetarium is an iPhone app that puts the solar system in your pocket. Developed by Core Coders, Planetarium features planets displayed in beautiful 3D along with features that allow you to fly across the solar system or watch the rotational orbit of the planets.


Harp is Good for Education, Not For Fun

Harp – The Harp App has just been released! After a long-awaited arrival, this musical iPhone app features a sweep-touch virtual harp with 14 chord structures in any of the 12 keys. This equates to a total of 168 unique chords.


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