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Instaviz Makes Thinking in Pictures Easy

Instaviz, from Pixelglow, is designed to take your mind places it may have never been before. This app belongs to a group of applications called mind mapping, or what most people think of as flow charts.

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Get Your Emoji Working While You Can

If you want to enable emoji or emoticons system wide on your iPhone or iPod touch, you need to act fast. Apple has informed developers that as of today, the company will remove from the App Store all apps capable of enabling the emoji everywhere preference feature hidden in devices updated to 2.2 firmware.

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Typing Genius Update Puts Emojis on Your iPhone or iPod touch

Typing Genius-Get Emoji is aimed at people who want to get smart about text entry on their iPhone or iPod touch.
No doubt about it: Entering text into Apple's versatile and ubiquitous handheld is its biggest shortcoming.

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Grist for the Mill: The Fellas at iPhoneHellas Say iPhone OS 2.2 Will Arrive on Nov. 21

Gizmodo, The Unofficial Weblog, among several other sites, are circulating a rumor that Apple will release its iPhone OS 2.2 update on November 21, sooner than Apple watchers expected.
Gizmodo attributes the rumor to iPhoneHellas, a Greek developer of iPhone unlocking software, and adds that the fellas at iPhoneHellas have been reliable in the past.


iPhone partner to deliver TV Tuner to Japanese users

Earlier today, Apple’s exclusive Japanese mobile carrier Softbank announced it will sell a TV tuner add-on for the iPhone. The TV tuner add-on for this handset is a noticeably missing feature from the already technologically sophisticated Japanese cell phone market.


Street View for iPhone! Apple releases iPhone 2.2 Beta to Developers

Google Street View, which is already available on the Android, will soon be found on an iPhone near you. After a false start on Thursday, Apple started seeding developers with the 2.2 firmware update for iPhone on Friday.


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