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Today in History Explorer Cabral Discovered Brazil and It's a Holiday

On Apr. 22, 1500,  explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral first laid eyes on Brazil. I just learned this last week from Today in History, from developer Down-Shift. There’s no mystery about Today in History iPhone app.

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World Wiki Has All the Facts and Anthems Too

All geography students, fact lovers, travelers, or state department employees will love World Wiki Plus, the fact app that provides detailed demographic information on almost 250 countries around the world. Like the recently reviewed World Countries, World Wiki Plus's source for information is the CIA's world factbook as well as Wikipedia and a very clean and well-arranged interface make this app a pleasure to use.

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Buy World Countries ALL-IN-ONE. 19 Educational Apps on the App Store

World Countries Makes Learning Easy and Provides Detailed Information at the Same Time

World Countries by New York-based developer ADS Software Group, Inc. is a comprehensive fact book for 200+ countries and it is a useful tool for looking up reference information or for learning the facts and testing yourself on basic knowledge.

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