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Buy Happy Little Farmer on the App Store

Interactive Science Lesson with Kids Farming iPad App

GiggleUp today is pleased to announce the release of Happy Little Farmer 2.0 for iPad. The first ever app to help children learn about the world of nature through an interactive farming game hits the iTunes Store this week.


Keri Racing is a Social RPG that Puts a New Spin on Farming

Keri Racing is a Social RPG that Puts a New Spin on Farming

A little addicted to Farmville but looking for something different? Whether you’ve jumped on the social networking role-playing game bandwagon or not, Keri Racing is a new option worth checking out simply for its added elements.

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Buy Caribbean Zombie on the App Store

Caribbean Zombie for iOS - Battle Pirate Zombies and Save the Fairy

Pictosoft today is pleased to introduce Caribbean Zombie for iOS, their Zombie killing, Caribbean-themed, first-person, slashing battle game. The goal of the game is to kill the attacking Zombies to save the kidnapped fairy.


Buy Farm Up! HD on the App Store

Farm Up! HD Ups the Standards for Casual Farming Games

Farm Up! HD gets an update that makes farming in the 1930's America even more smooth and fun. From the very release date the game has enjoyed the attention it was given by the casual gamers' community.