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Briefcase Lite Has Too Many Holes

Briefcase Lite seeks to turn your iPhone into a briefcase for your docs (not that anyone keeps large files in briefcases all that much anymore, but that is for another day). But you will need to wait for an update or the full version if you want to give this app a try. 


Buy Box for iPhone and iPad on the App Store

Forget AirSharing. Offers Free Cloud Storage on iPhone

One of the most popular (and discussed) application uses for the iPhone has been document storage. First there was DataCase and Readdle Docs — two paid apps that allowed you to store files on your iPhone using a very cryptic (and often flawed) synchronization method.

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AirSharing Downloaded more than 1 Million Times

In a mere two weeks, the file storage program AirSharing has been downloaded over 1 million times according to the company's president and CEO, Dave Howell. Check out our review of AirSharing which scored a perfect score 10/10 with our staff.


In Review - The Week Ending Friday Sept 12

The last week was one of the busiest ever for the iPhone and iPhone Apps. Of course the centerpiece was the "Lets Rock" Apple Special Keynote on tuesday — and the release (finally) of iTunes 8 — with the new "genius mode" — and iPhone Firmware 2.1, which solves many of the bug and speed issues that have plagued the phone since its launch on July 7.


App Price Wars -- Air sharing gives away "Files" for free

For the next week, you can download a copy of "Air Sharing" -- yet another file storage on your iPhone app -- free. The Air Sharing app is very similar to the DataCase and Files apps we reviewed earlier -- but has a slightly more intuitive interface and a very in-depth embedded help facility, something that is critically missing in those 2 apps (or for that matter on almost all apps).


"Files" Provides Data Storage on the iPhone - Sort Of...

The iPhone comes with either 8Gb or 16Gb of memory; why shouldn't you be able to use this memory as a giant USB stick to store your personal files / videos / mp3? The answer is of course, that you should, but that Apple wants to control as much of this as possible.


Datacase: Use your iPhone as Online Storage

DataCase from VeloSoft was recently covered in TechCrunch as a "highly anticipated" storage app. We tested it, and found that it does work, but has some serious limitations. First, of all, the test.


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