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Buy Enemy Strike on the App Store

Enemy Strike - An Epic First Person Shooter for iOS

Killer Bean Studios today is pleased to announce the release of Enemy Strike 1.0, its action packed shooting game, for iOS. Enemy Strike combines immersive 3D environments with intense FPS gameplay.


10 Best Games for the iPad ... so far

10 Best Games for the iPad ... so far

Gamers are already going nuts for the iPad. No wonder. Multi-touch brings the tactile closer to the electronic world, the wide screen can offer breathtaking graphics, and the faster processor makes the tablet faster and slicker than its iPhone cousin.

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Buy Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum on the App Store

Wolfenstein 3D Classic Proves FPS Games Can Work on iPhone

Wolfenstein 3D Classic - I was fourteen years old when I got my first taste of what a first person shooter (FPS) was. After I took my hands off the keyboard and mouse attached to my family’s 486 DX2 computer that powered Wolfenstein, it was a done deal; I was hooked!

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i Sniper: First Person Shooter Misses The Mark

While I Sniper can be fun at times it is way too rough and unpolished to be recommended. The controls are a bit awkward, the graphics are not great, and the storyline narrative needs a grammar check. The premise of I Sniper is that you are, of course, a sniper who must take out some terrorist enemies.


Buy Cube on the App Store

Cube Delivers on First-Person Shooter Gameplay

Cube is a solid effort at a first-person shooter for the iPhone. There is a high learning-curve in gaining mastery of the controls, which are a bit awkward. Maneuvering the game's menus, maps, and other features also is counter-intuitive. But underneath some of the quirkiness lies a great game that, with patience, you may learn to enjoy.

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The Sea Battle App Will Blow Your Mind

Sea Battle is a classic first person shooter with only one action button. Not that it's a bad thing. It keeps the simplistic 'shoot or die' stance in mind at all times. The objective of Sea Battle is to watch unsuspecting boats and ships sail by through your submarine's periscope crosshairs - picking out the bad guys from the good and saying good night, literally.

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