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Buy Hello Vino - Wine Assistant on the App Store

Hello Vino Associates Wine with Food

Hello Vino, from Drive Thru Interactive, aims to answer one of life’s greatest mysteries: What wine makes a good match for a pizza with pineapple and ham? Answer: Any wine that will kill the taste of pineapple (Ba-doom!).

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Buy Whole Foods Market Recipes on the App Store

Whole Foods Market Recipes is a "Tasteful" Recipe App

Whole Foods Market Recipes - As awareness in food preparation, such as gluten-free foods or diabetic-friendly dishes, and an appreciation for natural and organic foods grows, it’s not surprising to see so many companies responding in kind.

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Buy Open Cellar, The Ultimate Wine Cellar Solution on the App Store

Open Cellar Could be Your Personal Sommelier, but Only if You Read French

Open Cellar – You decide to pick up a nice Cabernet on your way home for that special meal your significant other is preparing to celebrate your anniversary. What kind of red wine do you choose?


Buy 4 Ingredients by Kim McCosker on the App Store

4 Ingredients is a Recipe Book Turned iPhone App

4 Ingredients, a best-selling cookbook in Australia, with both an Australian and a UK version in print, is now available as an app for iPhone and iPod touch. 4 Ingredients is a compilation of recipes that can be made with four ingredients or fewer — really.

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Buy Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List on the App Store

Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List: Recipes on the Go

If you have ever visited, you know that this website houses one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly recipe sites on the web. Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List offers a database of the same great recipes on your iPhone.

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Buy Locavore on the App Store

Locavore: Paring Down The Miles To Fresh Produce

Locavore - We live at a time that allows us to purchase most fruits and vegetables all year long. Through the use of mass-transportation, chemicals, and warehouses, produce grown half way around the world is often picked green, shipped and ripened in warehouses under questionable conditions.

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Buy VeganXpress - Menu & Shopping Assistance on the App Store

VeganXpress: No More Guessing

For a vegan or those that are trying to eat a vegan meal, dining out can often be confusing and difficult. The VeganXpress iPhone app by Brandon Berger seeks to alleviate some of those concerns.


Buy The Betty Crocker Cookbook – Kitchen-Tested Recipes on the App Store

Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook Heats it up

Do you feel like chicken tonight? Are you at the grocery store and don’t have a recipe? Well, life just got a little bit easier. The folks over at General Mills introduced The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook to make finding recipes to make breakfast, lunch and dinner a little bit easier.

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Buy GoodFood by GoodRec on the App Store

Want to Know Where to Eat? GoodFood Might Help

GoodFood - Good food is something anyone can appreciate and knowing where to go to find it is always a help. If you’re not afraid to try some place new on the recommendation of total strangers or you have a reputation for knowing the best places to eat and are willing to share with others, then GoodFood by Goodrec is a handy little app you can download for free to find recommended restaurants near you.

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Buy GrubHub Food Delivery & Takeout on the App Store

For Days When There are Only Two Things to Eat: Pickup or Delivery.

Developers GrubHub and CityMint have introduced apps of the same names that make it possible for you to order meals from nearby restaurants and have your food ready for you to pick up or for delivery, when that service is available.


Buy Allrecipes Dinner Spinner on the App Store

Allrecipes Is For People Who Like to Play With Their Food

My wife uses the Allrecipes Web site as her go-to source when she's looking for something new to cook. Me, I just keep everything in my head and prepare meals using whatever is available in the kitchen.

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Zagat To Go '09 Is No Go for Gourments and Gourmands

Zagat is one of the top reviewers of places "to eat, drink, stay and play," as the rating service likes to say. To get a high rating from Zagat is like getting the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.


Buy Easy Recipes - Food, Drinks & Cooking Tips! on the App Store

Easy Recipes Adds Spice To Your Life

Easy Recipes is a free application that gives you 50 new recipes right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Created by Robert Maran and Deidra Jones, Easy Recipes is incredibly user friendly and full of great ideas to make your next dinner party a huge success.

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Buy BigOven 350,000+ Recipes and Grocery List on the App Store

Big Oven delivers 250,000 Recipes in Free App

If you like to cook, you might want to check out the free app from "Big Oven" an interactive Recipe site which boasts over 250,000 recipes. The Big Oven iPhone App, which allows you to create and upload your own recipes as well as tap into the recipe database stands out mainly by the sheer amount of content, and not necessarily the quality.


Buy Urbanspoon - Restaurant & Food Reviews on the App Store

UrbanSpoon - a must for iPhone foodies

Urban Spoon is a small Seattle startup (three employees as of last year: see this coverage), focused on the restaurant review space. Unlike Yelp, which relies on social/user reviews, UrbanSpoon took the approach of incorporating existing review data from trusted sources like CitiSearch.

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