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Voice Mark Lets You Audio Tag and Go

Voice Mark — If you and your iPhone 3G or 3GS get around a lot, you may find it’s sometimes hard to remember your impressions about each place you've visited. GeoGraffiti’s Voice Mark provides you with the ability create audio geotags of each location that interests you as well as listen to the audio geotags created by other users of this app.

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Put Manhattan's SOHO Shopping District in Your Pocket

SOHOinmypocket, from AppFury, LLC, is a straightforward directory and location-aware navigation app that informs you of what’s around you and how to get there. In this case, it’s New York City’s famed SOHO and NoLita districts, a 50-block area of Manhattan replete with restaurants, galleries,  funky little shops and other retail outlets.

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Navigon AG's MobileNavigator Lost Me There for a While

Navigon MobileNavigator - One of the big deals about Apple’s iPhone 3G and 3GS iPhones are their built-in GPS. With the right app, any 3G flavor can become a fully-featured GPS unit. Make the app cheap enough, and the iPhone as a way-finder becomes a better option than the real thing.

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MapQuest 4 Mobile Makes It Easy for You to Find Your Way

MapQuest 4 Mobile – I've always been a fan and user of MapQuest  but I don't think AOL's MapQuest 4 Mobile offers any more functionality than many other apps that use maps to help you find nearby eateries, hotels, discounts and so on.

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MeetWays Locates the Midpoint Between A and B

MeetWays—There’s a lake in central Massachusetts, not too far from where I live, called Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, which is said to be one of the world’s longest place names.


Google Maps Update Makes a Traveler's Delight

Google Maps was already one of the strongest built-in apps on the iPhone. But with the 2.2 software update the addition of Street View and the ability to get public transit information make this almost a necessity for traveling or getting around a major city.


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Compass Free is Probably Lost on Most People

There's not much you can say about Masayuki Akamatsu's Compass Free because it just doesn't do much. Actually, it doesn't do anything. Launch the app and you get an image of a compass with a shaded area that runs from the edge of the screen to the center of the compass.


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Google Earth: A Free Trip Around the World on iPhone, iPod Touch

As of last night the ultimate interactive map and the ultimate interactive phone are now linked. Google Earth is available as a free download for iPhone and iPod Touch. Having Google Earth at your fingertips anytime, anywhere is cool enough.

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Take Me To My Car: Great Concept, Bad Execution

The idea of "Take Me to My Car" is great: record your GPS location, go somewhere, and get a map back to where you started. In practice, however, the Free App by independent developer Eldar Sadikov falls short of this promise.


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Where To Leads Straight to Google Maps for Quick, Easy Navigation

Where To is a nice front end intended to make your iPhone or iPod Touch act more like a portable GPS such as the TomTom or Magellan. It's basically a slick user interface for the Google Maps function already built into the iPhone. But underneath this simple explanation Where To is an awesome time-saving adventure starter.

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EarthScape - A Second Look at "Google Earth for the iPhone" - Now FREE

Note: This post is an update of an earlier post where we were a little too harsh on the app. Also, in the interim, Earthscape has reduced its price to Free (with the "for a limited time only" caveat).